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This post is NOT for the faint of heart! Aleta, skip this. This is about SEX!! SEX I TELL YOU! SEX! So for anyone not wanting to be shocked and shaken, pls come back next time. I promise it’ll be all about cute animals and totally safe for the whole family. In the meantime… Happy …(Read More)

Hello young ones. I sure hope all of you have been able to keep warm through this bizarro winter we all seem to be enduring right now. How cold has it been even here in normally balmy Houston? It’s so cold that Doug Eigler, AKA Mr. No Long Pants, has worn nothing but long pants …(Read More)

If you are sensitive or easily offended pls read no further– AKA, Aleta, this is not for you. I’ll have something much more family friendly soon. In the meantime… Hi-ho young ones. I hope all has been well with you. We’ve been OK, except for the fact that while we were on I-10 yesterday a …(Read More)

DIY Exorcism and the Arctic Vortex

January - 9 - 2014
Posted by Michele

Wow, how time flies. It’s been months and months since I’ve been here. The other day I realized just how much I missed it and all the friends I’ve made here. I do enjoy Facebook; but there are just some things you just can’t say there since it’s for public consumption so to speak. However …(Read More)

I’m baaaaaaacccccck!

January - 6 - 2014
Posted by Michele

Alright kiddos. After being a workaholic with Ecofab Arts for the last 6+ months  and basically being Ms. No-Fun, I have decided to come back to BB and visit all my snarky friends at their places that I’ve missed so much. So hold onto to Underoos young ones, it may not be pretty. Look for …(Read More)

Hello young ones. I am back, if only for a bit. I’ve received a few emails over the last few few weeks with people speculating on just what had happened to me. Here were a few of the guesses– A. I’d been involuntarily committed. B. I’d finally been incarcerated for not being able to keep …(Read More)

I present the Anti-Hooters

May - 16 - 2013
Posted by Michele

Hello young ones. It’s May 16th and almost been a month since I’ve been here. It’s apparent now that for the time being at least I just can’t seem to get everything done I want to in a timely manner. My absence here and at the other blogs I enjoy visiting is proof of that. …(Read More)

Smile triggers and some WTF’s?

April - 24 - 2013
Posted by Michele

It seems I just can’t keep a promise. It’s once again been two weeks since I’ve been here. However, April is one of our two busiest months of the year, festival-wise, and I’ve just been crazy busy. Not to mention Doug and I have been at odds over a few things; and arguing with him …(Read More)

Please forgive me…

April - 10 - 2013
Posted by Michele

Hello young ones. Forgive me, it’s been 2 weeks since my last confession. Posting. How time flies when you’re semi- crazy; but in fact I kinda sorta had a couple of good reasons for not being here or at your place for that matter. First,  I’d been sick. No, nothing life threatening, just something bad …(Read More)

And now you know…

March - 25 - 2013
Posted by Michele

Saturday was abysmal. The weather was unpleasant, we had a bad event and I had an ear ache. I hit the trifecta! I haven’t had an earache since Methusala was a child. I didn’t even know adults could get ear aches.  I still have it and am totally deaf on my right. If anyone knows …(Read More)

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