Michele On September - 1 - 2010

It’s WW again. This is really hard for me because as a few of you have pointed out, I like to chat. So going wordless is indeed difficult. WW’s photo is of Evelyn and her twin in Hoboken, NJ, home of Carlo’s Bakery. The story of our trip to Carlo’s, part of our NYC trip, is for another day; however, the fact that Evelyn traveled 0ver 1650 miles to wind up sitting next to stranger, one that had on the exact same shirt, especially one so unusual, I found funny.

Whew- I feel better now. I’ve realized over the years that I wouldn’t be a good monk, for a couple of reasons.

Now for other news. No, I did not go out on a Long Island Iced Tea spree and drink myself stupid(er) last night. As it turns out, Doug hadn’t made a bank deposit so although he had enough $$ to take everyone to dinner last night, (Amanda and Nate came after class), he didn’t have enough with him to also support my imbibing. So I didn’t have even 1 drink.

I did eat pasta like I was going to the chair though. Damn that Olive Garden. Manana kiddos.

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  1. Carlo’s Bakery? FOR REAL? I am soooo green with envy.

    But of course, being one of your Groupies and a Fan Extraordinaire, I have to tell you I am thrilled for you.

    Wordless Wednesday wouldn’t be hard for me. IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE.

    Mother Connie
    Mother Connie recently posted..Mother Connie Sez- Is This KosherMy Profile

  2. Deedee says:

    Love the picture and all, but I prefer Wordy Wednesday myself. But if Wednesday is to remain wordless, that’s OK too I guess. I did need the explanation for the pic this time though. So much more enjoyable when you know what it is you are looking at! To truly remain wordless perhaps you should post more obvious pictures that need no explaining (that might be boring though).


  3. Holly B says:

    Love the pictures!
    Holly B recently posted..Darwin Wins AgainMy Profile

  4. Michele says:

    I love Wordy Wednesday’s myself too Miss Holly. But you know me, I’ll do anything in attempt to get more readers!

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