Michele On September - 29 - 2010

Happy Wednesday morning everybody. I appreciate all the suggestions I received yesterday on what to do for Doug on his birthday. I got a lot of great suggestions on my different sites. Thanks for sending them. With so little time and with the financial constraints however, I wound up making him some gift certificates and a nice card. Just after midnight I started his celebration with a massage that had that had a whipped cream finale. He was tickled thrilled.

It’s wasn’t the limo or anything that exotic, but it was a fun night to start off his day with a bang. And I’m happy to report that I can not appreciate any real difference between Doug at 59 and Doug at 60. I’d been told not to expect any change; but seeing is believing.

Anyway, in the little time I did have Tuesday afternoon I whipped up this little performance piece for him. (I had most of the costume pieces already.) Be forewarned there’s nudity involved. (WARNING: This clip involves nudity.) Luckily Doug loves me enough to overlook the few small changes in my body over the years.

Thanks once more to Mother Connie for another gem.

I actually have a pretty full day planned for him. We’re going to play miniature golf in the morning. (We always play for a service to be specified at a later date.) Even after all these years we’re still competitive. Then out to our favorite taqueria in Houston for beef enchiladas then home for some quality time; then out to see  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps; then home for more quality time. Then finally a home cooked meal of his choosing, then more quality time. Hopefully, he’ll have a lot of great memories of this milestone birthday.

BTW- I still haven’t given up the idea of the limo for a later date. However, I’ll need someone else who’d want to take the limo for the last two hours and split the bill. (Four hours straight is just too much of a good time.) Anyone in west Houston that would be interested in splitting a limo sometime, please email me.

After a full day of celebrating, I’m assuming we’ll then fall into an almost narcotic like slumber.  Be back on Thursday kiddos. Wish me luck and a lot of energy!

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  1. Connie Baum says:

    You and Doug are both going to need lots of energy, O Bodacious One. After all, we are not 20-somethings any more. (Thank goodness!)

    About the video…I was under the impression you are a brunette. grin

    Hugs and Happy Birthday to Doug,
    Mother Connie
    Connie Baum recently posted..Mother Connie Sez- Good News for Baby BoomersMy Profile

  2. zyzzyz says:

    Quite tremendous.
    zyzzyz recently posted..Krackow BikerMy Profile

  3. Donna says:

    I’m certainly going to have you plan my hubby’s next birthday day.
    Donna recently posted..Clutz or WhatMy Profile

  4. Deedee says:

    OMG that was funny! Don’t overdo it today. :D

    Happy Birthday wishes.

    • Michele says:

      I will convey your wishes for his happy birthday. If he gets much happier I think he head might just spin around like in The Exorcist- in a good way of course!

  5. Susan T says:

    Gee, I thought that was really going to be YOU in that video! Thanks for the laugh anyway.
    Susan T recently posted..Muscle myths and fat factsMy Profile

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