Michele On August - 9 - 2011

You know how sometimes I rail on about missing the romance in my marriage?

I know I do.

But I do miss it.

Yes, I know that I’m loved; and being half of a pair of comfy old shoes should be enough. And usually it is.

But still, sometimes a girl (you may laugh heartily) just wants to feel pretty, and be romanced, like the good old days.

Keep that in mind as I explain…

Last night I brushed my hair.

I know, you’ll alert the media.

Actually that’s a line from one of my favorite movies, Arthur.

True, the brushing of my hair isn’t an everyday occurrence as my MIL so nicely pointed out last summer. And it’s not because I’m lazy.

It’s because I have such long, thick, curly hair.

It’s actually hard to get a brush all the way through it unless I want to REALLY brush out the curls. Then when I’m done brushing, my hair is neither straight nor curly. To be really straight I have to use a CHI iron and to be really curly it has to get wet again. Instead it’s in some Twilight Zoney place where confused hair lives. So usually I only brush it out just before I wash it, then hop right into the shower.

This time I’d brushed my hair out because I was going to color it (yes, I’m that vain); and it’s a lot easier to color my hair when it’s somewhat straighter rather than it’s naturally curly self.

I walked in to the den with my freshly invigorated scalp and confused hair. Doug said “God, what did you do? You look like a guy out of the 18th century.”

Be still my heart. With such sweet talk it was hard for me not to just jump him on the spot and have my way with him. Instead I suggested he just move to St. Louis and work for Hallmark.

“Just WTF does that mean? I inquired.

“You know, like the guy in The Princess Bride.”

This is what can happen when you’ve been with someone since forever.

You’re just so comfortable with someone that the words just comes tumbling out of your mouth before your brain can stop them saying “NOOOO!!”

Doug had one of those times apparently.

“I think you’re confused.” was all I said as I turned and left the room

As luck would have it we had to go out today before I could do my hair so I just pulled it up in a ponytail. I looked a lot like Pebbles Flintstone’s GMA ( minus the one shoulder fur dress of course). I kept thinking about Doug’s comment while we were out and as soon as we got back I looked up Cary Elwes and showed the photo to him.

“Is this what you meant?”

  “Oh no, that’s not what I meant.”

I felt relieved.

While pressing him for more info I had an epiphany…

So I went to Google images and pulled up another photo.

“Here come look at this photo. Is this what you meant?”

“THAT”S IT!” he said with great emotion, finally relieved that I understood him. It was almost a Heller Keller- Annie Sullivanish moment.


and what was he looking at you ask? ? Who did he think I looked so much like?



Here you go…  


Apparently with my curls temporarily gone I now bear a striking resemblance to Charlie Sheen in the Three Musketeers.

Thank God I finished the electrolysis.

So this afternoon the color goes on and when it’s done my curls will be back and all will be right with the world once again.

But for now, I must take your leave.

I have loins to gird and a sword to sharpen. And he has some major sweet talking to do.

Fare the well…





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25 Responses so far.

  1. Jeanne Kraus says:

    You could be a lot worse off. There are times when I would welcome looking like a musketeer.

    Loved that movie clip which I have never seen. Guess I need to see Arthur.
    Jeanne Kraus recently posted..Tamarac TsunamiMy Profile

  2. Michele says:

    Haven’t seen the remake Miss Jeanne; but if you like that clip you’ll love the original.

  3. My mother-in-law has the most wild, thick and curly hair I have ever seen. Her and my father-in-law say one of the best investments they ever made for their marriage was their two person tub. They take a bath together a couple of times a week and he conditions her hair for her to help keep it tame. I don’t know if it helps her hair a ton but goodness they are the friskiest married couple I have met and can put newlyweds to shame! Going on 25 years this month…maybe you should make your husband wash your hair as punishment ;)
    Padded Cell Princess recently posted..Poor DadMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      Perhaps, but whenever we get in a two person tub, rarely is it to get clean. Still, not a bad idea though kiddo. We haven’t shared a tub in a while now. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Pearl says:

    I know the hair of whence you speak…

    In my family, we predict the weather with it.

    Pearl recently posted..Oddly Enough, It’s Not the Only Story I Have That Includes Someone Jumping on Someone’s Back…My Profile

  5. melynda says:

    men can be such baboons sometimes. Don’t feel bad.. Yesterday I was driving with Phil and he said ” Hey you should get some short shorts like that.” Pointing to my right and very blind side.
    Of course I didn’t see the girl running with half her ass out and he thought it was so funny he added.
    “She’s running towards our street. I think I’m going to get ready and go for a run. Behind her.” Now not 20 min earlier I had asked him to go for a walk but he was to tired. Now he wants to gear up and run after hot cheeks. The man wants to die.
    melynda recently posted..The hot wheel car of doom.My Profile

  6. Cheryl P. says:

    I think it is easy to say things before thinking when you have been in a relationship for a long time. Being comfortable with each other doesn’t bode well from a romance point of view. I guess you do have to look at it just as you stated. You know you are loved and he didn’t mean to make it a criticism.

    I will have to mentally Photoshop a woman’s likeness onto ole Charlie’s pic. (as I don’t know what you look like in person, I will pick wisely) You may have curly/straight hair but hopefully that is where the resemblance ends.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Dog and Cat Days of SummerMy Profile

  7. Donna says:

    hahahaha. that is why I just keep my hair short.

    good luck with him. should be a fun time.
    Donna recently posted..So How Was Your Weekend?My Profile

    • Michele says:

      I thought of doing that again; but the last time I did I looked a lot like a green onion. It would be easier though- a lot easier.

  8. Pam says:

    Oh God how I love my visits to your blog! Come on over to SC and we’ll drink wine and color our hair together! And then we shall take our leave and go to where the men appreciate the women and say all the right things! Wherever the hell that is. LOL
    Pam recently posted..Fessin’ Up: Week 9My Profile

  9. Michele says:

    And I thought you already knew where that magic place is. Still, it sounds like a lot of fun. If you ever come to see Birdie we should vow to get together somewhere, sometime in the great (HOT) state of Texas.

  10. Dahlink, I’m back! Sorry to be all absent and crap. It’s been a hellish couple of weeks, but hopefully I shall have a bit of respite now I am in the US of A.

    Your post made me laugh my head off. And look on the bright side, whilst Doug’s responses might not make you want to jump his bones, at least it gives you some comedy blog fodder ;-)
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..Bye bye Blighty …. Hello America!My Profile

  11. Hi-lar-i-ous! I’m girding my loins, as as well– in solidarity.

    And I am sure your hair, even when confused, looks beautiful.
    “Susan Says…” recently posted..No One Likes A Sore Winner. Especially Me.My Profile

  12. Michele says:

    Oh they’ll be no bones jumping til he repents… which I expect will be in about an hour now.

  13. OMG! Has he even figured out what he has done yet? Well, at least The Princess Bride is a great, romantic movie…I was picturing Montoya…I didn’t even know that Charlie Sheen was in The Three Musketeers…huh…

    You know that hubby sure does keep you in fodder for the old blog…
    Kim Wright (Pinkim) recently posted..Rambling Warrior!My Profile

    • Michele says:

      No, Doug is still clueless. We had dinner at Amanda’s house the other night and I told them what he’d done. He still tilted his head at me like the RCA dog.

  14. Darla says:

    Yeah, sometimes that comfortable feeling in the marriage makes very loose lips. Also, guys don’t recognize that they say something wrong because they forget they are not talking to one of the guys. I am sure he did not think he did anything wrong, because he thought you were supposed to laugh “with” him, like a guy. But we girls don’t like jokes about our appearance at any time.

    Can you tell that I have been through similar experiences regarding comfortable hubby? My husband laughs at my white legs. I can’t help it, even when they see the sun, it’s like my legs are reflecting the sun back to itself. I never have color there unless I burn like a lobster. Red or white, those are the colors they can be. My hubby thinks I am supposed to laugh “with” him about that. Ha ha. Yeah. Whatever.

  15. Delia Rios says:

    We haven’t shared a tub in a while now. Still, it sounds like a lot of fun. Of course I didn’t see the girl running with half her ass out and he thought it was so funny he added.
    Delia Rios recently posted..Gout TipsMy Profile

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