Michele On December - 5 - 2011

Happy Monday everybody.

I’m guessing that some of of you are still nursing hangovers from enjoying just a wee too much holiday cheer this past weekend.

Am I?

Not so much, which actually means, not at all.

All I did all weekend was work like a slave on the pyramids. I stayed up til the wee hours Sat. morning assembling jewelery, then work all day Sat. and Sat. night at the gallery show. I thought I’d need a Brinks truck to take away all my cash. All the artists did.

Did I?

Not so much. I made a whopping  $120 for 10 hours work; and in the process lost another EZ up. But before you feel sorry for me, please know that I was the most successful artist there by leaps and bounds. Many of them made not one thin dime.

But before I explain my fun filled weekend, I wanted to tell you that at the end of my tale of woe I’ve included a lot of great videos of animals ( not just all dogs) guaranteed to put a smile even on the Grinch’s face.

Anyway, no one showed up on Saturday to buy- well almost no one. The gallery was located on a busy street. However the building itself was hidden, located way, way off the street; and although we were in the parking lot in front we too were still way off the street.

And other than the spot on TV last week, she’d done no advertising.

And as usual, Doug set things up then left me alone to go home and do more.

Then the wind came (30 mph); and one of our two tents went down like the Titanic. The guys nearby ran over and helped or tried to help, jerry rigging the tent back together; but after that first gust it was in bad shape. And after a few more hours of constant wind then a couple more huge gusts, the tent looked like a giant had sat on it.

After that I made a command decision. In the future if I have an outdoor show, Doug will stay there with me. Whatever we forgot to bring or didn’t get done before we’ll just do without. We were supposed to be back at the gallery on Sunday, but I just couldn’t go. Instead I went to a place I’d been told about. It’s a feed store in Houston.

This place actually sells live chickens, in the city.

They have vendors set up on their covered porch on Sunday from 11-3. It was kinda strange, but great. My first sale was $102. I was told I could set up there again another weekend, so just like Arnold in Terminator, I’ll be back.

So now onto the good stuff…

And just to show that I’m just not all about the canines, here’s something for all the cat people.

Here’s a cute one; but you’ ll just have to click on the following link. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to embed this.

That dog just really seems to love making that baby laugh.

And yet another you’ve got to go to; but it’s so worth it. Here you go.

How cool was that?

Lazer loves to play rough with Doug. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have a ginormous friend to roughhouse with.

And because no one wants to be around a dirty monkey

Anyway, I’ve never had a bird. It never seemed like a good idea with a pack o pooches here; but I’ve always kinda wanted one. But if I got one, this would be what I’d get, probably because we look so much alike. Why that guy acted like that at the end I have no idea; but if the pelican has been coming back for 12 years I guess he doesn’t mind too much.

And here’s something that shows just how crazy cats are for ice skating. Who knew?

This next clip reminds me a lot of Evelyn and I out and about.  There’s just something about it-not that I’ll tell her that though…

You gotta love a pet that does their own shopping…

Of course Lazer is more than strong enough to bring at least a year’s worth of food home from the store. I’m just not sure who’d be at the reins. Of course Gizmo would tell you it should be him; but sometimes size really does matter. (Sorry guys).

Here’s one happy camper on his birthday.  He really likes his balloons.

And finally I’ll leave you a clip of a really happy boy- boy dog that is.

We should all be so happy.

So I guess that’s about it for now.

I’m off to match a double batch of chicken soup (one for Evelyn), then I’m photographing Ecofab pieces all afternoon. I may not be around visiting much the next few days. Please don’t take it personally.

I hope you enjoyed the clips. Stay warm kiddos.

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25 Responses so far.

  1. fishducky says:

    WHAT A FUN POST!!! Enjoy your chicken soup!

  2. Aleta Woods says:

    Enjoyed the post, especially the turtle. Maybe I liked it because I seem to move slower these days and need help getting up???? Post pics of more of your goodies from Ecofab.

  3. Loved the videos…thank you!

    Remember, Jobs and Wozniak started in a garage!
    Hang in there…and that $120 sale-woohoo!

    I hope thaty crazy wind stops soon.
    “Susan Says…” recently posted..Gone to Look for America…A True AccountMy Profile

  4. Michele says:

    You are most welcome kiddo. I’d been saving them for awhile and it seemed like a good time to share.

    Thank God that ******** wind is finally over.

  5. Hiya chick – sorry I haven’t stopped by in a while – missed ya! So blimey, have things moved on? What are these pyramids of which you speak? I am not surprised that you are insisting on Doug being there for all outdoor markets. I went to one last week and the wind was playing havoc with all the stallholders.

    It is absolutely ace to see all your photos by the way ;-) It brings things to life. Keep at it with the businesses …. I have every faith!
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..Still getting festive. This time at Basildon ParkMy Profile

  6. bunbytes says:

    I had a friend whose cat used to do the same thing so they had to put the bedroom phone in the nightstand drawer.

    As for the turtles, I just want to know which one of us had “fallen and couldn’t get up”? I know I can always count on you to push me upright. Thanks for thinking of me with the chicken soup.

  7. Jenn says:

    The Animals always get me, lol.
    Jenn recently posted..Happy Birthday Willow!My Profile

  8. Elisa says:

    That feed store sounds like a great place. It’s amazing what places end up being the best sometimes :)

  9. Janet NZ says:

    Love all the critters Michele – thank you! XO

    PS I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand… winds of 30mph… pah!…but, I guess it’s what you get used to… and, we are not under canvas…

    I INSIST Doug stays with you… tell him I said so! XO
    Janet NZ recently posted..SundayMy Profile

  10. Michele says:

    Glad you liked them young one. Animal videos like these always make me smile too. You know most days I like wind, just not when I’m sitting under a POS tent at an event by myself.

    BTW- Thanks for the support. I’ll tell Doug what you said.:)

  11. Darla says:

    I was so happy to hear from you this past weekend by phone. Thank you for continuing to think of me especially with all that is on your plate.

    I wish you all the best of luck with getting Ecofab ready. I know that it has been stressful, but I really think you have a wonderful idea and a plan. I do see success in this, there is definitely a market for it. Also, the things you create are so beautiful. You are very talented.

    Thank you also for the animal clips. I look forward to showing my girls later. They will get a kick out of them, like I did.

    Hope you make it through the next couple of days in one piece.

    • Michele says:

      Miss Darla I enjoyed our chat as well. It’s good to be able to catch up with friends from time to time. I hope you get an answer to your young one’s medical mystery soon.

  12. DWei says:

    Glad your weekend was much more productive than mine.

    Also showing that tortoise video to my girlfriend. I know she’ll love it.
    DWei recently posted..End of Term!My Profile

    • Michele says:

      Apparently the tortoise video has been out for awhile; but as sometimes happens, I seem to behind the curve. That’s OK though. I could watch it over and over anyway. I hope she likes it.

  13. TRACK says:

    Morning M, I’m back, been under the weather a tad. Thanks for the cat shot, I love them. What name did you settle on?…TRACK

    • Michele says:

      Sorry you’ve had the miseries Track. Being sick always seems worse around the holidays. You take care of yourself kiddo.

      What name? The one for the business? It’s Ecofab Gifts.:)

  14. What a great collection of critter videos. Congrats on at least doing better than everyone else in sales.
    injaynesworld recently posted..injaynesworld we are now "Suitable for Giving…"My Profile

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