Michele On February - 24 - 2012

Usually I’m a pretty easy going person.

Life is just too short to get upset by the small stuff; but sometimes it just all builds up and what better place to blow than here?

So here’s my list of WTF is up with that??!!

1. I live in the USA.  Why should I have to press a number to get to English?

I know it’s a small thing; but it still pisses me off.

2. And why can’t all voice mails be set up the same?

Sometimes you have to press # to send the message, sometimes #3. Sometimes you just hang up. Sometimes you have to listen to a long array of options before you can select which one you want.

Wouldn’t having a universal voice mail protocol be simpler?

3. Why do some parents (I use that term loosely.) think everyone else in the outside world wants to deal with their kids?

I like kids.


We had two.

I still like kids. I say hi to kids in strollers and don’t care if they peek over the top of the booth at a restaurant. Kids are kids after all.

But when ours were little and we had them out in a store or a restaurant they were always with us.

They weren’t perfect little automatons. They were kids. And sometimes we had to deal with their behavior away from home. But we never set them loose to run about unless we were at a park or visiting someone.

We were at a Chili’s recently and a couple was having a leisurely lunch while their kids played tag, bobbing and weaving amongst the servers. The parents were completely oblivious as to what was going on. Granted Chili’s is not a 5 star restaurant, but it’s not a McDonald’s either.

Besides kids shouldn’t be doing that an any restaurant, even at a McDonald’s, unless it’s in their play area.

It’s unsafe and uncool.

And I guarantee if one of those kids had been hurt by a bowl of hot soup spilling on them, the server woulda been blamed.

Yesterday Doug and I went out looking for albums again. I’ll admit that after the third resale shop stop and having pawed through probably 500+ albums I wasn’t in the best of moods. However as we were sitting on the floor (that’s almost always where the crates of albums are located) 2 school aged kids began riding a skateboard within a very few feet of us.

Of course there was a large sign posted “Please do not let your children play with toys.”

But these Laissez-faire parents think it just doesn’t apply their kids I suppose. And what kid pays attention to signs?

Eventually exactly what I knew would happen, did happen.

One of the boys fell, hit his head on the vinyl, and the skateboard went flying.

I probably don’t have to tell you where it wound up.

I didn’t see any blood on the floor so I wasn’t too concerned about the kid. And I wasn’t too worried about me. But being assaulted by a skateboard wasn’t on my list of things to do yesterday either. And if I’d been hit in the head, not the torso I woulda been seriously pissed.

(Of course if I’d only had a tranq gun with me the whole ugly scene coulda been avoided and the boys woulda had a nice afternoon nap while mom shopped.)

Anyway he let out a mighty scream and then finally his mom ambled over to see just what had happened to her beloved progeny. So did the store manager who then confiscated the skateboard.

The boy was chastised.

It was the mom who shoulda been chastised- heavily chastised.

Be brutal.

I can take it.  Do I just need my Effexor upped or am I right?




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  1. bunbytes says:

    My children called me “Universal Mother”. If parents won’t handle their kids, I will. The running kids in the restaurant: I would have said very loudly, kids, this isn’t a playground. If you run into one of the servers with a tray of food, you could get hurt, the server could get hurt, and someone would have to wait longer for their food. Go see your mom.

    Skateboarding: Hey, guys, this isn’t the street. Stop fooling around before you hurt yourselves or someone else. Go find your mom and tell her what you’ve been doing.

    Maybe that was Universal Bitch. Hey if their parents are dense, I’ll will be delighted to help their children grow up safely. You’ve got to be tough, Michele. You’d say something if you saw someone being neglectful of a dog, so extend to a kid. And that’s my sermon for the day!

    • Michele says:

      Yes Miss Evelyn, I see what you’re saying; but I fear these useless excuses for parents would not even understand. Still, I’ll probably just be a bitch and speak up next time. I’m getting really sick of this behavior.

  2. fishducky says:

    You are SO right!! May I brag a little? We had dinner with our daughter, son-in-lsw & their two girls, ages 3 & 5. The manager made a special point of coming to our table & telling us to please come back, anytime–that it was a pleasure to see children so well behaved. (I have to admit–That never happened with our own kids when they were little!)

    • Michele says:

      Brag away. Great behavior in young ones is something to be proud of. Obviously your daughter and SIL are doing a good job.

  3. Oh those parents will probably sue the parents now
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..Ok, You Fracking WonMy Profile

  4. Cheryl P. says:

    No, I think your meds are fine. You have every right to expect that kids behave themselves in public. I am far more tolerant of children (even at their worst) if the parents are trying to control the situation. I get that kids can lose their minds at the drop of a hat but parents need to take charge.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Idiots, Idioms, and IncidentsMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      Then why I wonder does it seem that so few these days are? Is it a generational thing? Or I am just unlucky to be running into it a lot?

  5. gwoods1071@aol.com says:

    You are right, Michelle. As a parent of a child who was and still is as an adult, the poster example of ADHD, I worked hard to make sure he behaved in public- no small task. So when you have cases like yours, well, I have stepped in and said something. What really gets me, is when I hear parents ask, “Now, Johnny, what would you like to do?” when the situation calls for parental say so, not child say-no. Okkkaaayyyy, now you have me going. :)

  6. Michele says:

    Rail on Aleta. You’ve got a sympathetic ear here to scream into.

  7. Albug says:

    I have a long story , too long for this comment, that involves a 5 star restaurant, an adult birthday party, a 6 year old at said birthday party that decided to check out our dinner plates, a sneeze from said 6 year old and a reprimand from the child’s father where he said ” come back over hear Jack. We don’t want you mingling with the riff-raff”! My dear Handyman had to hold me in my chair!! I was ready to deck the guy.
    Kids are fine, parents are idiots.

    • Michele says:

      Riff-raff at a 5 star? Seriously?

      I guess there was a good reason a child was at a 5 star restaurant to begin with.

      • Albug says:

        It was his Daddy’s Birthday. There were about 10 adults and two children there. It was about 10pm. We were celebrating my Handyman’s birthday. I was furious about the situation. Handyman said “Tolerance” . The birthday boy went to the bar to smoke cigars with his friends (thank God) his wife and kids went home. Management was no help even after we (I ) complained. Oh well, the food was great!

  8. Michele says:

    I’m really beginning to think tolerance is overrated.

  9. melynda says:

    I have the same pet peeves starting from the top to the bottom. My other issues are
    Why do we have signs in english AND Spanish?
    Why is it ok for your kid to be a brute but if someone touches him then it’s the end of the world?
    Why can’t parents do the basics for their kids such as comb their hair and make sure their teeth are brushed?
    Shall I go on or are we still on the same page?
    Check garage sales soon. When I was buying vinyl I always found tons their for super cheap. Like 50 cents a record or less.
    melynda recently posted..Music soothes the raging beast.My Profile

    • Michele says:

      You know what’s nice young one? It’s when they put a kid in front of you to face paint and their teeth are green- not from candy- just bad hygiene; or when they have mucus running down the front of their faces.

      It’s fabulous.

      What gets me too is people who don’t put sunscreen on babies. I always speak up about that. However by then it’s too little too late I fear.

      We do check garage sales- all the time. Our problem now is that what we’re looking for is so select, we usually don’t find what we need at one. Still, we look though. You gotta look.:)

  10. You are completely and totally right. If you’re going to take a kid out in public, put it on a damn leash. Now pass the Effexor.

    Oh, yeah. I agree with that other stuff, too. ;)
    injaynesworld recently posted..injaynesworld "It Takes Two To Tango…"My Profile

  11. Michele says:

    You betcha Miss Jayne. Some are coming your way- Effexor- not kids that is.:)

  12. Jeanne Kraus says:

    Unfortunately that behavior carries over into the schools. When kids misbehave at school and we call the parents, guess what? It is the school’s fault. One of our paraprofessionals had to call a parent to let her know that her child kept running into the parking lot and getting too close to arriving cars and the mother yelled at her and said that it was her job to control the kids. If she could not, the mother suggested she find another job. Wow. Fortunately, that is not the typical parent. But it happens more than a few times.
    Jeanne Kraus recently posted..Out On The Town (Take 1, 2, and 3…)My Profile

  13. Michele says:

    I find that sad, but not surprising these days.

  14. This is not a medication issue… or if it is, give us all some!

    I am continually shocked — which speaks to my total lack of picking up on crap and learning – when there are rude and misbehaving kids out there and the parents are all nonchalant and act like it is ok. IT”S NOT OK! But then again the parents are rude too, trying cruising through a Costco. Yikes.

    Love the universal voicemail idea….

  15. Michele says:

    Hiya Brahm. Glad you like the universal voicemail idea. Any ideas on how to start getting it implemented? Life would just be so much simpler for those of us who have to spend a lot of time on the phone everyday.

  16. TRACK says:

    Morning M. I’m pissed with you! Parents n grand-parents who want the world to over-look their little darlings, bullshit. You know I have a child, thank GOD grown now, but I was on it when she was small, with manners…TRACK…hope not hurt too bad, but dam

  17. Sasha Moretz says:

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  18. Lane Howke says:

    Life is too short so we must need to do what we want. It is important to make most of our day. So, every single day we must need to enjoy it together with our family and loved ones.
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