Michele On March - 13 - 2012

I’m running late this morning young ones so this is just gonna be a quickie.

From now til the end of the week the chance of rain is only 20%. You all may now stop chanting and invoking whatever deities to get the weather to change for us.

It worked; and thanks for that.

First off I’ll be at Maria’s Taco Express today. So if you’re in Austin please swing by and say hi.  Send you friends. Doug will be gone making deliveries and helping Brett so I’ll be all alone.

What a shocker that is.

Anyway, I should be set up there by 11.

Someone broke into the Handshakes trailer recently and Doug is going to be helping Brett get things back the way they were.

Now SxSW news, so to speak.

On the way to the hotel I saw a band playing. Nothing new really, especially here, especially now.

Except they were playing on top of a moving bus.

The mom in me was scared for them.

I hope they were somehow secured; but I didn’t see anything. (Good thing their moms didn’t see them.)

We were At Handshakes yesterday and a guy rode up on a mule.

Apparently the man is known as the 6th st. Cowboy and is somewhat well known around here.

The mule was very nice.

The man was too.

Having decided that we should eat at least one healthy thing a day, yesterday I’d bought an apple for us.

And since they wouldn’t let the mule into Cheer Up Charlies where Handshakes was located I decided to give her our apple.

BTW- When mules eat apples they look kinda rabid. Do not be afraid.

She seemed to really enjoy the apple. Besides, she couldn’t drink through a straw anyway and Brett didn’t have a bucket big enough for her to enjoy a shake. Although I think she woulda enjoyed the Good Morning since it has lots of oatmeal in it.

The last big news is about the Homeless Hot Spots.

Big brouhaha going on about it.

Are you yea or nay on it?

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14 Responses so far.

  1. Kara says:

    We live in different worlds, Michele! You have the SXSW, we have the Maple Syrup Festival; you have mules, we have zambonis.
    Kara recently posted..Introducing BojanglesMy Profile

  2. fishducky says:

    I once was out shopping & gave my dog half of my milkshake–which he loved–& then barfed it up! It boggles my mind to think of a mule doing that. An apple was probably safer……….

  3. Phew, my legs were getting tired from all that do not rain dancing I was doing.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..Chapter One: You Can Choose Your House, But You Can’t Choose Your Neighbors.My Profile

  4. melynda says:

    First I’m with Dazee. My legs are like jello from my rain dance. Of course Mr. P thinks we have to full on dance! Bah kids.. Anyway I love mules. They crack me up and I would have loved to meet the 6th street cowboy, and died of a heart attack if I saw that band!
    I couldn’t read the print on the homeless thing. To small sorry I have no opinion on that. Have fun and hope Doug and Brett got the trailer taken care of!
    melynda recently posted..I was batting three for threeMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      If you ever get down to Austin, he’ll be there. Mr. P could get a ride. The cowboy is very nice. So is the mule.

  5. I prefer to give the homeless a couple of bucks for a cup of coffee and a sandwich…or a fifth of vodka.
    “Susan Says…” recently posted..Kitchen Disasters: Anniversary EditionMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      Evelyn’s church makes up gallon Ziploc bags with one entire meal in them, plus a water. When a displaced person approaches her, that what she gives them. No vodka included.

  6. TRACK says:

    M, Sorry for Brett, but dad and him to the rescue. Wishing you big bucks this week.
    The homeless or houseless situation, not sure which way about that. How would I feel if it were me?…TRACK

  7. I love mules! They have the sweetest eyes (which helps when they look rabid from eating apples! lol)
    Padded Cell Princess recently posted..Not on Speaking TermsMy Profile

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