Michele On April - 16 - 2012

Happy Monday kiddos. I hope your weekend was better than mine.

Ours sucked the big wahoo.

We went to Austin for an event.

It was a bust.

Big time.

So we drove home having actually lost money. Thank God that hasn’t happened in awhile. We’ve got one of our regular events this weekend.

And now I’ve got Doug laying on the bed next to me all doped up on Vicodin. He had outpatient surgery on his big toe this morning. He’d had an ingrown toenail for awhile and hadn’t been doing anything about it, obviously hoping it’d go away on it’s own or some such nonsense.

Anyway by the time I saw it last Thursday, it was as big as his fist.

Not actually of course; but it was gigantic- and oozing blood and pus. I took a photo an emailed it to the Dr. He wanted Doug to go to the ER; but there was no way Doug was gonna do that and wait for hours. So instead the Dr. put Doug on antibiotics and scheduled the procedure for this morning.

How Doug had kept it hidden for so long I do not know. I’m surprised he could even get that ginormous toe into a shoe.

Sorry about that.

I know that was disgusting. (But hey I spared you the photo.)

However I have a reason for describing it.

Why is it that men will wait til something has gotten to that point before seeking medical help?

Obviously I don’t mind at all being Florence Nightingale for him, but it’d be a lot more fun if he wasn’t actually boogered up; but such is life. Hopefully by tomorrow he’ll be at least somewhat back to normal.

In the meantime I thought I’d just share an amalgamation of things I’ve found online. Some are funny, some are strange, some just informative.

So here we go:

On the plus side this guy will never have to worry about his wife running around on him.

On the minus side, I suppose there wasn’t a wedding night. At least I really hope there wasn’t.

Obviously it just wasn’t this coyote’s day to leave this mortal coil. I wonder if I could get him to buy my next Powerball ticket.

This clip was sent to me in an email. It was called “The most popular ride at the Texas State Fair.”

That title was incorrect.

I discovered that this stunt was part of the movie Jackass 2. Not surprising since Johnny Knoxville et al are widely known to exercise good judgment.

I’d never have thought as Buckyballs as dangerous to anyone. Til now.

This clip shows there’s no shortage of jackasses anywhere.

I’ll close with one of the most bizarre clips that I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Is there no Child Protective Services is Japan?

So I guess that’s it for now.


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21 Responses so far.

  1. but you so should have posted a picture of his toe so we could all yell out ewwwwww.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..Out Of My Way, It’s MineMy Profile

  2. Kara says:

    Okay…I’ll admit it – I couldn’t watch all of that shark video. I’m such a chicken!
    Kara recently posted..Scattered Joy ExposedMy Profile

  3. When I worked in healthcare, my favorite part was wound care. I would have loved seeing that toe. As for men, life would be so much easier if they went to the doctor as soon as they need to do so. Men make no sense to me and they never will. In fact, thinking about men makes me so tired I want to go to bed. With a man. But I don’t have one. If you send me the goop from the toe, maybe I can grow a man from it.

    Janie Junebug

    • Michele says:

      Hiya Janie. I had no idea you wanted the goop. I coulda saved some for you for sure. Still, if you really want to see the toe I’ve got a photo. It is gross. Makes me glad I wasn’t in wound care.

  4. fishducky says:

    I couldn’t open your first 2 hyperlinks, but there was STILL plenty to see today! Men are so weird!!

    Our doctor, Steve, is a personal friend. When Bud is sick & I ask him if he’s seen Steve, more often than not he’ll tell me they just had lunch–without discussing symptoms. Obviously, that’s not done when 2 friends are lunching together.

  5. Poor Doug…I kind of relate. I let things go, too…but that poor toe! Ouch.

    And that clip just taught me a new oxymoron: Japanese humor. Insanity.
    “Susan Says…” recently posted..Susan Says Goes to Washington…My Profile

    • Michele says:

      That Japanese clip really was the strangest thing that I’ve ever seen. Who keeps an alligator in their house?- with a toddler no less?
      Bizarre for sure.

  6. Born27 says:

    That shark really blew me away. It’s a freaking hammerhead playing around. That was so close for that guy. I agree, craziest hunt ever.
    Born27 recently posted..conference call servicesMy Profile

  7. TRACK says:

    Morning M, Take good care of him as you always do. I’ve had the ingrown toenail thing, no I don’t wait, just fix it! Took off 1/3 of the nail. I’m happy…TRACK
    P.S. From the other site, I met Suzydu n Virginia last month. Every nice visit…

    • Michele says:

      Glad you had a good visit with them. VN asked me to come back; but still won’t let me link back here so I haven’t gone back.

  8. Cheryl P. says:

    Sorry, I am so slow at reading posts but here I am…better late than never…well, maybe not better but you get the gist of that.

    I love your title of this post. And no, I am sure that dumbassery has no bounds.

    Sorry, to hear about the crappy weekend and Doug’s toe. That sounds miserable.

    I couldn’t tell if that alligator was alive. Did you see it move our did they raise it to be their coffee table. Weird for sure.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Reasons Not to Become a Cat LadyMy Profile

  9. Virginia says:

    glad you didn’t post a pic. sorry to hear this past weekend was a bust. what happened? give me a call i miss your voice. love you.

  10. Victor Collins says:

    The toe nail can be very painful and I think men fear embarrassing situations and that’s why the can decide to die in silence.
    Victor Collins recently posted..The Kardashian familyMy Profile

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