Michele On April - 2 - 2012

Hello young ones.

Sorry I dropped off the radar for awhile.

I’m fine.


I’ve just been down in the snout so to speak and really haven’t felt like doing much of anything.

The the strange thing is I can’t really understand why.

Things at Ecofab are fine. Doug and I are getting along just fine. As far as I know everyone is healthy.

I should be happy.

Yet I still feel like getting into a hole and staying there for awhile.

It’s like one of the Dementors from Harry Potter paid me a visit.

But I’m not suicidal.

I’m just really, really tired and have a hard time getting motivated to do anything right now; and I have a list of about 30 things that I really need to do- people to call, things to ship, appointments to make.

When I went back of the Effexor last year the Dr. actually instructed me to take it 2x a day. However, not wanting to take any more meds than absolutely necessary I’ve only been taking it 1x a day.

I’m considering going ahead and starting to take it 2x a day to see if that helps.

We spent this past weekend at Paws in the Park, a dog festival. Usually I’m like a kid in a candy shop at a dog event. I even painted rainbow on dogs. People act like they’d never seen a dog with a painted face before.

Obviously they’d all been living in caves somewhere.

Anyway, usually being around that many canines makes me crazy happy.

This weekend though not so much.

The highlight of the festival was the dock diving.

For those unfamiliar with the sport I will illustrate:

Watching it is a lot of fun-usually.

The dogs that are into it are REALLY into it and many of them act like they’re just gonna explode if they can’t run and jump off that dock ASAP. The winning jump last weekend was just under 20′.

But the jump that everyone was talking about though was a somewhat shorter jump.

It was only 4’5″ in fact.

A dachshund did it.

And I missed it. I was painting a face instead.

They even had dogs running agility.

And a basset competed.

I missed that too. But I seen one run before.

It’s a hoot.

It’d be like watching me doing it.

Here’s a clip of that- a basset, not me, running agility.

Believe me when I tell you he did a much better job than I would have.

Although he didn’t get the best time, the basset I saw got a standing ovation anyway.

He got an A+ for effort.

So I guess that’s it for now.

I’m gonna give myself 1 more day for my pity party. If I’m not over it by then I’ll be calling in a priest, wizard or colonic irrigation specialist to rid me whatever ails me.

Back to the funny next time kiddos.


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  1. Don’t make yourself miserable by cutting back on the magic pills. I come from a family of chronic depressives (that’s the healthy ones). I resisted that medication helps just live life for years. It also needs changing and modification. Sometimes a combination of two are required.

    I was lucky in finding a phenomenal doctor (when I had no insurance!!!) at a free (or pay as you can) clinic. Dr. Stewart, whom I look at as my lifesaver, once said to me, “Miriam, you are such a delightful person…when you are on your medication!” http://www.theclinicpa.org/ I will always be grateful for her to pointing that out.

    Many people will not allow themselves to do whatever it takes to have a productive and happy life. And sometimes, it takes a good vitamin regime, good diet (ugh) and good medication management. Don’t deprive yourself of what helps bring out the best of you, the funny you, the sardonic you and the creative you!

    Come back! Love, Miriam

  2. Aleta Woods says:

    Miriam said it all. You might have burn-out too. So rest, take the meds, and we will see the Michelle back that whose clips we enjoy reading.

  3. Albug says:

    I have been there and it isnt any fun. Miriam said it all.
    I had problems for years until I found a Dr. who diagnosed me properly. It was my Thyroid out of wack. ( I may have posted about this before). When we got my dosage right it was like night and day. The Dr. Told me that sometimes your numbers can be within the correct range, but you may still need a low dose to even it all out.
    Take care of yourself.

  4. fishducky says:

    You could at least TRY to follow the doctor’s advice! Isn’t that why you went to him in the first place?

  5. Cheryl P. says:

    Sorry, to hear you are down in the dumps. I know nothing about Effexor so I don’t have a clue as to dosage and such BUT I don’t think the colonic would be the answer (I would go into detail but it probably wouldn’t help your mood), the priests are under a lot of stress themselves these days so I opt for the wizard. Hey, what can it hurt?
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Cats, Bats, and Sex KittensMy Profile

  6. Pearl says:

    I understand. Sometimes it takes all one’s energy just to achieve “normal”. I feel for you. What helps me most? Exercise. Long walks outdoors. It’s a big world, and it’s lovely to know that you are small in it.

    And then take a hot bath and a nap.


    Pearl recently posted..Rating the Days; or Mondays Are Awesome and Other Lies We Tell OurselvesMy Profile

  7. Darn it. I hate when the blahs happen. I’m beginning to feel like I’m going to go there again. It’s probably because I ran out of my Celexa. Am going to pick it up in a few days. See if that helps.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..Driving Miss DazeeMy Profile

  8. DWei says:

    I feel you for the demotivational feeling. I haven’t slept in ages, the notes and papers (both to write and read) are piling up, I have projects to run and I’m getting really tired of it.

    I just want to be a useless pile of space in front of my computer and look at cats forever. :|
    DWei recently posted..Me not Healthy: Always Tired (Part 6)My Profile

  9. It could be the lack of extra pill or it could be exhaustion kicking in from all those days of burning the candle at both end. I get tired just reading about all of your late nights and long hours of work put in!
    Padded Cell Princess recently posted..The Simple DaysMy Profile

  10. TRACK says:

    M, You n Doug have been doing alot of travel n festivals so being very tried is understandable. And age messes with our sleep patterns, I do feel 4 U! Hope it’s better n a day or two…TRACK…hugs

  11. melynda says:

    Well my friend it sounds like you just did to much and are overwhelmed. Take a few days off to just relax. Seriously.. I get like that too when I have a million things going on and it seems like I’m never gonna be done.Or you need a colon cleanse which ever you prefer. :) Hope you feel better soon my friend.
    melynda recently posted..She might just drive me crazy!My Profile

  12. Clare Jones says:

    :( hope you are feeling your self soon… loved the Bassett… Gary would be equally useless!!!!
    Clare Jones recently posted..Ladies who lunch (and take nature pictures!)My Profile

  13. Hey perk up!!!! Im sending you some happy thoughts from out here in Portland Oregon….
    From the Mind of a Madman recently posted..The Spider Picture PostMy Profile

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