Michele On April - 26 - 2012

I spent most of yesterday attempting to photograph earrings, emphasis on the word attempting.

I spent the morning and early afternoon setting up different ways to hang and photograph them. The extra bedroom that Doug turned into a “studio” really isn’t set up as one which made the task all the harder. And of course Doug built the box to withstand a direct hit by a nuclear bomb.

I can’t tell you why he did it that way; but that he did is no surprise to anyone that knows him.

The good news is of course is that that damn box will still be here long after Doug, I, our children and their children have long departed this mortal coil. I must remember to designate just who gets it in my will. I’d hate the kids to fight over it later.

So the structure itself inhibits some of the light that I needed for the photos.  And on top of that we have an amalgamation of different kinds of lights with different kinds of bulbs. Some are fluorescent, some are incandescent, some are full spectrum.

Doug had gotten the tripod at a resale shop and it looked like a good deal til I actually attempted to attach the camera to it. The top bracket couldn’t be tightened, rendering it useless. It’s as if someone wrung it’s neck; and after my day yesterday I can understand the feeling.

Then after I finally had things jerry rigged and I was ready to begin I stepped on a tiny shard of dog bone that had been laying in wait for me, hiding in the carpeting. (That’ll teach me to be barefoot.)

It was probably just karmic payback for the times I left my jacks out in the hallway on the hardwood floor when I was a kid. Invariably my grandfather would step on one late at night on the way to the bathroom.

Actually I’m glad that I found it before one of the pack did. Still, it hurt big time.

Anyway I spent a few hours taking photos and overall wasn’t too displeased with them. (I am of course an amateur when it comes to photography.) Then though I thought perhaps I should look at the on the computer just to be sure.

And what did I find?

Was it Waldo?

No, no, no.

That woulda been infinitely better.

What I discovered was that the piece of poster board I had in the back had slipped down without my noticing; and now was in each photo, making the background look all crazy. I’d been so focused on the earrings I hadn’t noticed the background which had gone all to Hell.

For a little while I tried to convince myself that I could pass off the photos with the crazy backgrounds as “arty”; but try hard as I could I couldn’t even sell that to myself so I knew that wasn’t going to work.

So I knew they all had to re-done.

And just like last summer I cursed like a demented pirate on crack.

I even made up some new words.

And to make my day even more fun, even though I had the AC set on nuclear winter I was still sweating like a snowcone in Phoenix.

Do the hot flashes ever stop?

They started over 10 years ago now. Enough already.

Anyway, Doug had said it was really cold in the house. However I really didn’t believe him til I noticed Lazer, our Siberian, curled up in a tight ball with his tail over his nose like he was sleeping at night while out on the trail during the Iditarod.

I then was forced to admit the house was on the cool side, but I was hot, and frustrated, so the thermostat stayed right where it was and Doug knew better than to complain about it again.

Vowing never wanting to make that mistake again, I decided to just lay the earrings flat for the photos. So I started clicking away.

We have earrings that I’ve painted. They’re like the bracelet I posted yesterday. But most of our earrings now are made from the actual LP labels. Here are a couple of photos for you:


BTW- The black on the bottom is where the labels end and the plain black vinyl begins.

So I guess that’s it for now.  I have to go make a pair into clip-ons for a woman who bought a pair last weekend.

Please send any extra energy and patience you have. I’m running low on both.


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22 Responses so far.

  1. I love your stuff. Oh and your Ecofab items too. :)
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..I Spy – Repeating PatternsMy Profile

  2. I make these eggs that I want to sell on Ersy. And I draw dogs. What I am not is a photographer and shooting my work hhas greatly expanded my curse word vocabulary. My thoughts are with you! You might notice my eggs are not up on Etsy yet since the photos look like poop!

  3. Aleta Woods says:

    Hot flashes???? Why do you think I take a harmone pill?? The flashes are no fun, I agree. The pictures you posted of the earrings look good. Did you ever figure out what shop I was talking about that had a dish made from a record like yours? Anyway, maybe one day you will make a living from photography with all this practice. Have a great day.

    • Michele says:

      I wish I could take hormones; but with my family history I cannot. So instead I just suffer, but not in silence.:)

      I never did figure out what shop you were thinking of. If and when you do, please let me know.

  4. While I sincerely feel for all the travails of yesterday, you wrote chronicled them in such a funny way that I am smiling despite your pain…and for this, I am sorry. Consider yourself hugged.

    And the photos of the earrings look GREAT. Plus, those are some snazzy earrings. Just keep your eye on the prize.
    “Susan Says…” recently posted..Tales of The Titanic…My Profile

  5. Michele says:

    The prize is the only thing that keeps me continuing with this endeavor some days. Thanks for props young one.

  6. fishducky says:

    “We have earrings that I’ve painted. They’re like the bracelet I posted yesterday.” I hate it when someone gaslights me!! WHAT BRACELET? WHAT POST? Your last post was 2 days ago–with no bracelet!

    Like the earrings!!!

    • Michele says:

      Sorry about that Fishducky. You can see the bracelet at Facebook.com/Ecofabgifts.

      I thought I’d posted it here too.

  7. Cheryl P. says:

    Sorry, you are having trouble with the photo part of Ecofab but the earrings look great. I am sending you a seperate email with a suggestion, that might help as far as the pictures you have already taken. I can’t figure out how to plant an image in your comment box.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Why NOT have a baby after 50My Profile

  8. Michele says:

    Just got your email young one. Many thanks.

  9. Virginia says:

    hi! photography IS hard, but if you build a frame box and cover 5 sides with a sheet and then stick clamp lights all over it you’ll be good as gold!
    the photos are looking great. <3

    • Michele says:

      I appreciate your optimism; but believe me some of the photos are better than others. I just hope overall they’ll be OK.

      Thanks for popping by our FB page. I appreciate it.

  10. TRACK says:

    Morning M, I who know nothing of photography, so I’m no help. Glad the ladies are here to help you…TRACK

  11. Michele says:

    Morning Track. You may know nothing of photography; but you’re a good tour guide of NYC.:)

  12. Pearl says:

    Feeling your pain on the hot flashes. People are recommending soy products now. Maybe it’s time for some edamame?

    Pearl recently posted..Hi! My Name is Pearl! or Might I Interest You in Our Truck-Stop Line of Dishes?My Profile

  13. Michele says:

    I thought of that kiddo. However soy is on the hit list for kidney stones for me along with spinach, sweet potatoes, black tea, nuts and chocolate. Any other suggestions?

  14. leezah55 says:

    Hi Michele, Great painted earnings,truly you have a gift of being an artist. Keep it up you can do greater things!

  15. Michele says:

    Welcome Leezah. Thanks for popping by and the kind words. Ecofab Gifts will be launched on or before May 15th and when it is, everyone here will know for sure.:)

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