Michele On June - 6 - 2012

Hang on tight today kiddos.

We’re gonna take a walk down Crazy Ln.

I’m gonna share some seriously twisted shit.

And twisted it is; there is no other word for it; and I don’t mean twisted in a fun way like I usually do. By compare to these people I really do look like the poster child for mental health; and we all know that takes some doing.

So if you’re not up for it, please come back next time. The funny will be back I promise.

In the meantime for those hardy folks among you:

I got the first story from my friend Cheryl’s blog, The Art of Being Conflicted.

Here are the Cliff Notes for you-

This first candidate for a straight jacket had his naughty bits removed (by a MD), then cooked them up and served them to people for $250.oo a plate.

Yes, you read that right.

He did.

He garnished each plate with parsley, which is a good thing because everyone knows you eat with your eyes first. Is it oddly humorous that he served them up with a button mushroom, or is that just me?

If you have the stomach for it you can read about it here; and yes, there are photos.

I wonder do you serve red or white? Just what would go well with testicles?- or for that matter placenta?

I remember reading years ago about a woman who kept her placenta, cooked it then it served it to her friends.

Think I’ll take a pass on that as well. I guess I’ve just not channeled Mother Earth enough to do that.

I’m guessing wine for the testicles and red for the placenta; but then I’m no oenophile.

I suppose if there’s an upside for that new self-made, life size Ken doll it’s that he’ll never need Viagra; but of course he’ll never write his name in the snow again either.

Now on to #2 in our showcase of  “Can you really believe this shit?”

You can check out what the second guy did by watching this video.

Just who could do that to their pet?

I’ve read of people who have their beloved pet preserved after demise. I can’t understand that either; but at least the inanimate Fido or Princess is usually kept inside a house so as not to creep out others.

At least I think they are; and people grieve in different ways.  But could you imagine how scary that would be to small child who saw a dead cat swooping around in the park?

The third story comes from sunny Miami and is the worst because there is an actual victim.

Most people are there for the sun and fun; but just like any big city Miami has crime; it’s just part of life. However this next thing is one of the worst things I’ve ever read.

And the fact that the victim was ALIVE while this was going on just makes it infinitely worse. Maybe the assailant had seen the Silence of the Lambs just one too many times.

And NO, I am not making light of this. It’s just the only way I can even begin to handle what was done.

Apparently the perpetrator started by taking all his clothes off.

Personally I probably wouldn’t have even called he cops at that point. I’ve seen naked in public before; but if I saw a naked guy actually beating someone and dragging them under a bridge, I sure woulda done something at that point. I may be short, round and old; but I could still swing a lug wrench up aside a nutjob’s head if need be.

Besides, it wasn’t like he had a concealed weapon after all.

So I have a question- Are people really getting crazier? Or am I just becoming overly sensitive in my sunset years?

But enough of this depravity.

Now go find yourself a kitten or puppy to hold for awhile and revel in your sanity.

Back to the funny next time.


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23 Responses so far.

  1. Good heavens. I think I may need to call a therapist after reading your post today. Yikers
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..Helicopters and Groceries and Oz, Oh MyMy Profile

  2. Michele says:

    Sorry about that; but don’t you feel really sane about now?

  3. Elisa says:

    So yucky! The things some people eat. And I thought frog legs were bad.

  4. Michele says:

    So Miss Elisa I gather you won’t being having a placenta taco anytime soon either. I hope the Hippie feels better soon.

  5. fishducky says:

    I have seen some very weird things in your blog before but today’s was definitely the winner–or would that be LOSER??!!!! PLEASE DO NOT EVER TRY TO TOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Usually, I feel great after I read your blog. This time, I have lost my appetite. At least I know I’m not truly crazy.

    Janie Junebug recently posted..CALL THE DOGS!My Profile

  7. Cheryl P. says:

    Well, thank you for the mention, my friend…although…perhaps all the readers now think you and I are depraved, ghouls that are out of our minds. I, too, found a certain value in knowing that by those comparisons, I am clearly not as insane as I could be.

    I will say you are far braver than I am. When I wrote about the junkless nut, I couldn’t bring myself to look at the pictures and I really was a little nauseated by even the idea of it. I gather you looked. In the future when I need to see something but am to big of a puss, I will be contacting you for consulting purposes.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..You Might Be SurprisedMy Profile

  8. Michele says:

    Hopefully young one everyone already knows that I’m twisted; but only in the fun sense of the word; not in the scary sense like those three freaks. As far as previewing anything worse in the future for you, I do believe I’m at my limit after these; so you’ll have to find someone else to do your previews.

    Sorry about that.

    Now I just need some bleach for my brain; but boy do I feel sane and happy for my quiet life.

  9. melynda says:

    Ok I want to know what the naked dude did but I’m afraid to look after what you wrote. I’m guessing it’s the dude that ate the other ones face because he was hopped up on some new drug and the cops shot him? You are not wrong the world is getting more and more depraved. None of this was ok for me. People are sick and everyone wonders why I want to know where my kids are at ALL times.
    melynda recently posted..You have chosenMy Profile

  10. Michele says:

    Don’t worry Miss Melynda. To my knowledge there were no photos of the attack in Miami; and even if there were I certainly wouldn’t show those here. I just spoke to Brett. He said from what he knows the cops shot that guy multiple times before he stopped. He was jacked up on bath salts, which are apparently like a cross between meth and acid.

    I too always knew where our kids were. They thought at one point I was overprotective, but there was never a tragic situation; and we now have 2 healthy grown kids.

  11. Thank you for contributing to my diet! I should at least lose 5lbs from lack of appetite from this one!
    Padded Cell Princess recently posted..Tip of the Day…Hobbies and ActivitiesMy Profile

  12. TRACK says:

    Morning M, I believe too many are losing their minds! Plus, folk like upmanship, so they will do even worse to get the attention, sigh…sad…TRACK

  13. Michele says:

    You know Track I think these three lost theirs awhile back. They are sick twits for sure.

  14. Heidi Marley says:

    How do some people even eat somethings like that? Yuckiest!!!!!!
    Heidi Marley recently posted..kimkardashiantapes.orgMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      Welcome Heidi. And for the answer to your question- I have absolutely no idea. It is beyond the scope of my imagination. Please pop by again soon. This is usually a fun place to visit.

  15. Janet NZ says:

    …holding the kitten tight (but not too tight)
    I’m not looking at any of the pictures… I’ve seen ghett-toes, and have not quite recovered from THAT! :-))… I’m just going to stay in my safe little bubble… XO
    Janet NZ recently posted..Daddy’s girl…My Profile

  16. Liz C. says:

    Dear. God. Yes, people are getting crazier in this world but I am beginning to feel like the pillar of sanity, LOL!
    Liz C. recently posted..Hump Day Hmmmm….My Profile

  17. DWei says:

    I don’t know, I found these all to be kind of funny. At least you didn’t go into details about the texture and taste of the guy’s junk. The article however, does, in rather graphic detail.
    DWei recently posted..Job Hunt UpdateMy Profile

  18. This is very horrible. This is against animals right. How could that man do that horrifying action to that cat!!
    Xavier Strill recently posted..Have A Bright White Smile With This Easy AdviceMy Profile

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