Michele On December - 28 - 2012

Well it’s Dec.28th and here in Houston things are getting back to normal. People are back at work, the Buddah clocks and singing bassĀ  have thankfully been returned and family members that’d been relegated to sleeping on the couch while out of town relatives were visiting have reclaimed their beds as people retunred home after the holidays.

I didn’t think Brett was going to make it home for Christmas; so I was happily surprised when he walked through our door on the 24th. He’d DJ’d the night before til 2am then had to travel at 5:30am, so it was just easier for him to stay up all night that night. When I spoke to Amanda that morning and she said nothing about Brett being in town, even though she had just picked him up and had him in her car at the time.

When Brett opened our door he was met by our pack o pooches.

The pups are always happy when anyone comes home; but they absolutely love Brett– especially Gizmo. Eventually Brett made his way to our bed where I was wrapping presents. He flopped down on it (I’ve passed my natural grace down to him), to properly receive his furry greetings; and greeted he was–over and over and over again to the point I was amazed he had any skin left on his face.

Then Lazer bounded up on the bed to give his hello.

Lazer was met by a snarling Giz who proceeded to latch onto his face and hang there. Usually they get along just fine, (Giz and Lazer that is); but when it comes to being close to Brett, Gizmo can get quite possessive. Lucky for us Lazer doesn’t have a mean bone in his body; so he just ignored the temporarily demented Chorkie hanging off his face.

After an hour or so things settled down and Brett fell asleep on our bed enveloped by sleeping dogs, next to him and on top of him. Even though he’s 30, seeing him back home sleeping like that still made me smile.

That night we went over to Nate’s and Amanda’s. Nathan made dinner and we sat around exchanging gifts and watching funny YouTube clips that Brett shared. These are from Collegehumor.com. Apparently these 2 guys are in an ongoing prank war:

I actually felt sorry for the girl.

Although I’d asked repeatedly Nathan had never said what he wanted, just what he didn’t– no random gifts; so not wanting to make a mistake I got him nothing at all.

That really bothered me. Nate is a great guy who has endless patience dealing with my computer ineptitude; and on top of that he absolutely loves Amanda. It’s as if he was customized just for her. So I’ve been thinking of what I could do for him, something he’d really like; and I finally came it with it.

I’m going to be making an edible gift for him- actually several of them. In January both he and Amanda start school again; and he works full time as well. They have so little time then I’ve decided to make them surprise dinners from time to time and just put them in their frig while they’re at school. They’re vegetarians and Houston is not really a vegetarian-friendly city; so dining out options for them, especially in the burbs are limited to say the least.

Christmas morning we all headed over to Evelyn’s for the day. She had lox and bagels for us, lox-less bagels for the Nate and Amanda. After breakfast we all sat down and exchanged presents. Like most I pick up presents throughout the year if I see something I think someone will really like. When we were at the dog show last July Evelyn saw a T shirt she liked. It said “I’m the Alpha Bitch”. The next day I went back, bought it for her and hid it in my bathtub, where all my Christmas presents reside (pre-gifting). Shortly thereafter though Evelyn went on insulin, started eating healthy and since then has lost 37 lbs.; which of course is fabulous, however her Alpha Bitch T-shirt that was ready and waiting for her must now be relegated to being a sleep shirt. I’d found some vintage comic books for Brett–a TMNT from 1989 and a Smurfs from 1982.

Of course we had some other gifts for everyone too, but nothing of note–nothing that made someone go “Oooh..” I however, was definitely given something that made me go “Ooooooh!!” Evelyn, Nathan and Amanda went in together and got me a new laptop! I’ve never had a new laptop before, one custom built for me. I was beyond thrilled. It was way too much; but I needed it so desperately I didn’t tell them to return it. There’s been a delay in shipping; but it should be here today.

One bummer of the day was when Brett had to leave at 3pm to get back to Austin for work that night. Just who goes out dancing on Christmas night anyway?

We had our usual Christmas dinner of honey baked ham and homemade potato salad and homemade sweet treats. That may sound uninspired to some, but we love it; and it means no one is stuck in the kitchen for hours on end cleaning up after dinner. Afterwards we settled in to play games as is our usual tradition; but this time we played a new game called Bonkers.

It shoulda been called This Game Sucks.

I really don’t know what the problem was. It wasn’t all that hard, at least in theory; but I came in dead last three times in a row. It was as if my brain was away on vacation. If that was a preview of coming attractions for me it was a horrifying one for sure.

Normally I do well at word games. (I like card games too; but with cards I play by instinct. Doug is a card counter. We’re like apples and oranges.) Lucky for me after the third loss at Bonkers we changed to Scattergories; and with the change of game came a change of luck for me– not that I’m that competitive of course.

I’ve taken off the last five days from Ecofab. My hands have been doing a happy dance for sure. However all good things must come to an end and so with trepidation I’m resuming my artistic endeavors manana.

I’ve just realized I’ve prattled on endlessly. Thanks for hanging in with me; back to the snark next time.

I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas.







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  1. fishducky says:

    Your Christmas sounded GREAT–HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  2. Cheryl P. says:

    It sounds like you had fun. Extra fun having your son surprise you. Mine couldn’t make it home for Christmas. I need to schedule a trip to go to him in Boise.

    I think the meals placed in the fridge is an awesome gift from you.

    What a generous gift coming your way…the laptop. I am sure you will enjoy it. Have a Happy New Year if I don’t catch up with you again before then.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Crazy Didn’t Take a Holiday BreakMy Profile

  3. bunbytes says:

    You forgot to talk about how much we laughed while playing games. My favorite moment was during Scattogories when we had to name a musical group that started with M and I had the Monkees. Our kids’ response was that while there may have been “monkeys” playing instruments sometime that wasn’t a real band. I started singing “The Last Train to Clarksville” while you and Doug assured them it was a real band. God, are we too old or are they too young?

  4. Michele says:

    You’re right I forgot to mention all the laughter, of which they was a ton.

    BTW- I thought you’re favorite part was Doug’s “Chit”. The Monkees were really funny too though. As to your question– they are too young.

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