Michele On March - 25 - 2013

Saturday was abysmal.

The weather was unpleasant, we had a bad event and I had an ear ache. I hit the trifecta! I haven’t had an earache since Methusala was a child. I didn’t even know adults could get ear aches.  I still have it and am totally deaf on my right. If anyone knows how to get rid of it please share the info. I’m all ears . Ear.

It is most unwonderful; and unlike when our kids were sick, I don’t have anyone who’ll stroke my hair while I lay on the couch.

Sunday I was just a layabout and did a whole lot of nothing and let my body attempt to heal itself. Doug and I watched about half of Shogun. It’s a great mini-series. While watching it I decided that I wouldn’t have fared well in Japan in 1600. All the ladies walked about in these teeny-weeny steps; and while that’d probably good for me (from a not falling standpoint); they also were extremely subservient to the men.

Not so good for me.

I’d wound up headless in no time.

In the meantime, because you all know how much I love to share knowledge, here’s a clip answering one of the big questions that has plagued mankind for years.

Now, if any of you happen to go to meet your maker today, you won’t have to bother him with that question.

You’re welcome.

And now that I’ve provided a public service for everyone, here’s just some cute stuff for you.

It would appear that all moms have to play chauffeur at some point–


And apparently a cat is a cat no matter what kind of cat they are–


big cat

And these little guys kinda freak me out–

albinoI never knew there were albino turtles. I wonder if they can chill out on logs in the river like all their cousins do, or if they’d have to wear sunscreen or don big hats as to not get sunburned.

Here’s a canine who found his perfect spot for a quick rest. He looks a lot like Naughty George, my friend Annie’s dog.


Give him a break. The old guy just looks tired and needs a quick rest. I can totally relate.

Besides, obviously the bride was OK with it. Good for her.

And finally here’s a guy I’d put it for Father of the Year–


Doug woulda done that with Brett back in the day.

Sometimes I miss those days when the kids were little and thought we were just wonderful. Then I remember their teenage years and I snap right back to reality.

So I guess that’s it for now. I hope all is well with you and yours; and if I don’t get back here before Sunday let me wish you all a Happy Easter.



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  1. jenny_o says:

    Great pictures, especially the superheroes :) Hope your ear gets better quickly. Did you try putting some warmth on it? Either a hair dryer or a hotbag? (careful, not too hot – don’t want to burn your ear off) It will relieve the pain for awhile.

    • Michele says:

      Hiya Jenny. I’ve tried the heat but as yet it hasn’t resolved. Thx for the suggestions.

      • jenny_o says:

        Can you get polysporin over the counter for earaches where you live? (we have it in Canada) It’s not for complicated infections, the directions say to use for so long and see a doctor if it’s not starting to improve. Not sure if it’s 24 or 48 hours. Just a thought.

        Earaches and toothaches – you just can’t seem to get away from the pain with either one. I think it’s too close to the brain or something!

  2. TRACK says:

    We don’t mind being boxed in on occasion, hahaha!…TRACK

  3. Cheryl P. says:

    Those are really cute pictures. I think the dog on the bride’s train must be there beloved pet and is part of the festivities. I love when people have their dogs participate.

    The cape picture is darling. I am with you about sometimes wishing the kids were little again but I also agree with you that I wouldn’t want to redo the teen years.

    Hope your earache is better. I am prone to earaches when I get head colds. The doctor always gives me ear drops that make it go away fast…really fast.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Are You Judging Me?My Profile

  4. fishducky says:

    I hope your ear feels better soon!! I SAID, “I HOPE YOUR EAR FEELS BETTER SOON”!! (Pardon me for yelling.)
    fishducky recently posted..FISHDUCKY’S FEATHERED PHILOSOPHYMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      Funny funny young one. People have been yelling at me all day. I’m thinking of saving up for an ear trumpet.:)

  5. Aleta Woods says:

    Ear aches are not wonderful. I have to get on antibiotics. otherwise, I am in real trouble. Hope yours gets better.
    The pictures are cute. They made my day especially the dad in the cape.

    Take care and Happy Easter to you. I will be playing in our services on Black Friday (Good Friday ) and of course, Easter Sunday.


  6. Michele says:

    Black Friday is Good Friday? That’s a new one to me for sure. Have a great Easter Aleta.

  7. Pearl says:

    Ah. The earache. I am the Queen of Earaches, having had one progress a few years ago to the point of BLOWING UP. Yessirree Bob, the little bastard blew up in a horrible display of what happens when you leave something go too long, although in my defense it went from “ouch, I think I’m getting an ear infection” to “Holy Hannah, I’m going to die” in about four hours.

    You have my sympathies. Now get someone to sit next to you and stroke your hair!

    Pearl recently posted..And the Orangemen Sound DeliciousMy Profile

  8. Michele says:

    Well that was a disturbing story Miss Pearl. Evelyn was on my ass yesterday to go to the Dr. I usually just try to wait things out and go without an Rx; but I’m rethinking that now.

  9. One of my housemates is in his 30′s and he gets earaches all the time. He just gets antibiotics…but he’s a doctor so he can get them easily!
    I want a cape when I have kids! I’d almost have one now but you get odd looks if you don’t have a kid with you ;)

    • Michele says:

      Oh young one, get your cape now and let it wave proudly when you walk. Think of all the smiles you’ll put on others faces, not to mention your own.:)

  10. Jenn says:

    Ear aches are the worst. It like…don’t look at me it makes my ear hurt more. Hope you’re feeling better Chickie!
    Jenn recently posted..Sometimes It’s Just Like ThatMy Profile

  11. Michele says:

    Hiya Jenn. I’m on my second round of antibiotics and it’s finally killed off–I think.

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