Michele On March - 13 - 2013

I started this a few days ago and was going to wait to post it; but after getting a couple of emails from friends asking if I’d dropped off the face of the earth, decided I should post it now.

I loved my folks.

They gave me my spunk, my easy going attitude, my trust of people and my spontaneity, all things I love.

What they didn’t give me though was a superior sense of balance or sure-footedness; and I could really use that.

My inner gyroscope malfunctions from time to time; and go SPLAT!

And I do it in a most ungraceful manner.

For those who have come here for awhile might remember the  great fall of 2011–where I fell not one, not two, but 3 times in one day.

Of course there was also an incident before that.

In fact I’ve been writing about my epic string of crashes since 2009.

And now, as of last weekend, I have 2 more to add.  Friday night I was at a house I’d only been in a couple of times before–and that was years ago. After making it upstairs then downstairs (without falling I might add) I was feeling pretty sure of myself.

Should I have?

Not so much– which is to say not at all.

After successfully navigating the staircase without mishap I walked with great purpose towards the living room. I only had another 10′ to go; however as seems to be my custom,  I missed the step down into the living room and went down like the Hindenburg (sans flames of course). I am happy to report though that when I realized I was falling (yet again) I was able to direct myself (most of myself anyway) away from the coffee table, just clipping the edge of it with my left ta-ta.

A split second after hitting part of the coffee table the rest of me came crashing down on the floor; and as is my luck, I came down on my left knee (which was already boogered up from many previous mishaps) and my newly repaired right wrist. I laid there for a bit with waves of pain radiating through my body pondering life and wondering if in the process of being the world’s #1 klutz if I’d broken my wrist.

Somehow I had not.

Amanda made a couple of ice bags, gave me 2 Alleve and propped me up to start recuperating. Since we were spending the night at that house, I opted not to tempt fate and decided to sleep in a downstairs bedroom.

After a good nights sleep I arose bruised but not defeated. I walked through the house planning to call up to Amanda from the bottom of the stairs.

Did I?


I called up all right, from a prone position on the entry floor, after falling down yet again.

The night before I missed a step and fell off the entry. This time I missed the step up and fell on to the entry.

And no, I was not drunk, or on medication (pharmaceutical that is).

I have absolutely no explanation as to why.

Of course Doug was quite concerned about me, suggesting that perhaps we stop by a tire shop on the way home buy 2 inner tubes; so I could wear 1 around my shoulders and one around my hips.

Funny. Very funny.

On the plus side though, if I fell down while hiking (which is something about as likely to happen as me changing teams and converting to Islam), I’d just roll down the hill unhurt.

Obviously, his suggestion is ridiculous.

However I trying to figure out just how much bubble wrap I can write off as an Ecofab expense.

PS- We have 2 Ecofab Arts events again this weekend, so please forgive me if I haven’t popped by to visit. It’s isn’t you; it’s me. I’m just crazy busy.

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  1. Cheryl P. says:

    Sorry to hear about all the falls. I hate to blame it on our aging but I have noticed a real decline in my balance over the last 5 years or so. My trainer has me doing all types of balancing exercises now. Some improvement but still, I am far more prone to lose my balance than I once was. With me it can’t be anything I drank because I can’t drink a drop.

    Yay for you that Ecofab is doing so well. That is just awesome!
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Time Has a Way Of Throwing It All In Your FaceMy Profile

  2. I made it to your blog! I’m sorry you fell, but the blogosphere finally allowed me to get here! I’m sorry you got hurt, but I’m here! I’m here! Why did it allow me to visit today? Perhaps so I could sympathize with you. And I do.

    Janie Junebug
    Janie Junebug recently posted..ELVIS AARON SCHWARZ & THE GREAT GIRL SCOUT COOKIE CAPERMy Profile

  3. TRACK says:

    Hi there M, was worried about U! Hugs honey, wishing you the best and stop short of whatever step you are going to make…TRACK

  4. Yikes! I have fallen up many things so you aren’t alone but owwie! I hope you survive your Ecofab events and I think a bubble wrap suit could be handy ;)

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