Michele On April - 10 - 2013

Hello young ones.

Forgive me, it’s been 2 weeks since my last confession.


How time flies when you’re semi- crazy; but in fact I kinda sorta had a couple of good reasons for not being here or at your place for that matter.

First,  I’d been sick. No, nothing life threatening, just something bad enough to give me a case of the “I don’t give a rat’s ass about anything”.

I had a terrible ear infection that lasted 10 days.

I hadn’t had an ear infection in 20 years. Fluid was almost gushing outta my ear. It felt as if someone had a voodoo doll and was jabbing a hypodermic needle into my eardrum; and in addition to that I was totally deaf in that ear.

And I’m married to a low talker.

It was most unwonderful.

Other than that things around here have been pretty much normal–a  three ring circus; which I wouldn’t mind so much if I looked like this:

ring 1

Sadly however, with no time for the gym or a massive pluck-a-thon. I look a lot more like this:

ring 2Minus the whip of course.

The thighs and the mustache are, unfortunately, about right however.

I’m happy to report that all the canines are happy and healthy; although they haven’t been to dog park in over a month. I have been quite remiss as a dog mom.

Second, after the ear infection finally started to clear, last week Doug and I spent Mon-Thursday, 12 hours a day at Evelyn’s house (no, she’s not been sick), cleaning and organizing her sewing room.

This was her sewing room before we started.

Sewing room April 1 2013 before clean up

Actually, we’d already started when she came in to take that photo. Doug and I had been ripping stuff outta there like we were going to the chair for 15 minutes before that photo was taken.

When the room was finally empty, Doug installed shelving up high around the entire perimeter of the room. After those were done, he installed 6 shelves the entire width of the bedroom closet, so that gave her another 36 feet of shelving–which was a good thing.

Here’s a photo of Evelyn’s cat, Fred as she was doing an inspection of the shelving that encircled the room:

fredFred gave the shelves two paws up.

Anyway, while Doug was having fun playing Bob the Builder, Evelyn and I began the task of sorting and folding all her fabric so it could be stored efficiently.

There was LOTS of fabric, more than lots actually.

By the time that we left at 11:30 Thursday night, we’d folded and wound over 750 different pieces of fabric onto comic book cards; and believe me; there was a right way to do it as I was shown more than once.

What can I say?

Sometimes it takes awhile for me to learn something new.

Evelyn has promised me an “after” photo of her room once she gets everything just the way she wants it. She bought lotsa plastic containers for her treasures and a labelmaker too. Doug almost got a stiffy just watching her use that labelamker. I see one of those in his future.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. Tomorrow Doug and I are heading out to deliver flowers and hunt for glass.

But before I go I have a question for you. Why is it infinitely easier to clean and organize at someone else’s house than at your own?

Back to the funny next time, and it won’t be two weeks.



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15 Responses so far.

  1. Cheryl P. says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Earaches are HELL!!!
    As for the sewing room project… YOU are the best friend on the planet. That looks like a monumental task. I have done a few organizing projects for people for cash and it is a ton of work.

    You are right that it is always more tolerable to organize other people’s clutter than one’s own clutter. At home everything is routine and requires ongoing maintenance. Other peoples stuff is usually a one time thing. It hasn’t gotten to the level of mundane.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Shopping ParanoiaMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      You’re right. Nothing in that room could be considered mundane. Evelyn counted on our discretion, no matter how disturbing what we found was…

  2. fishducky says:

    There’s an old saying that might be applicable here: “There is no job that is too difficult as long as it isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing at that time.”
    fishducky recently posted..TALK TO ME…My Profile

  3. Pearl says:

    Love fishducky’s comment.

    I am a long-time sufferer of earaches, and feel your pain. I actually had one get to the point where it exploded. Yep: I blew out an eardrum.

    Oddly enough, it grew back. :-)

    Get better!!

    Pearl recently posted..I’m Thinking of Changing my Name to GollumMy Profile

  4. TRACK says:

    M, You and Doug are the “bestest”! My fabric neat, my bedroom and dining and living room not so much, sigh. So happy you are on the mend.

  5. Michele says:

    Next time we head up your way, we’ll be happy to drop by and help you reorganize too.

  6. bunbytes says:

    As I have been telling you and Doug all week, I am eternally grateful for your “intervention” in my sewing room. Ever since the end of October when I found out about the upcoming thyroid surgery, things just got dumped in there. I’d asked Husby where he put something of mine and the answer was always, “in your room” as you can see. It’s soooo much better now. Soon everything will be in it’s place. Unfortunately my kitty Fred, thinks it was much better when she could explore the room by tunneling through the junk and finding open boxes and bags to lay in. One woman’s trash is another cat’s treasure! Thanks again for being such a fabulous friend (Doug, too.)
    By the way, I put together the IKEA drawer unit all by myself, except for 6 screws (I did the rest of them myself and my hand and arm are killing me.) I will have to take the other unit back – it won’t fit anywhere.

  7. Michele says:

    You know you are more than welcome for our help. You know you still are light years ahead in paying it forward department. Besides, I didn’t have to cook a meal for 4 days and little Dougie Eigler got to build things. It was a win-win for all concerned!

  8. jenny_o says:

    I like the sound of those shelves. Actually, I like the sound of a “sewing room”. My bedroom looks a lot like that room because all my fabric and craft stuff is IN THE BEDROOM. Glad you’re feeling better!

  9. Michele says:

    Hiya Jenny. Have you heard that the old adage, “The cobbler’s kids go barefoot.” ?

    Evelyn’s sewing room is really coming along now. She’ll have it finished soon; and I’ll be jealous. Our house, because of all the recyclables we have here for Ecofab Arts, still looks like an ant farm.

    Perhaps 1 day I can Evelyn to come help us get organized.

  10. You poor thing, that ear infection sounded like hell! I think it’s easier to organize someone else’s stuff because you get too wound up in your own stuff like, “Oh, that’s where that went!” and, “Wait, this looks familiar…is this important?”. So glad you two were able to give Evelyn a hand and her cat is adorable!

  11. Michele says:

    Fred is great. She’s a cat/dog. My fav kind of cat.

    BTW kiddo. I’m having a problem leaving comments at your place. I comment, then it never shows up.:(

    • Thank you for letting me know! I’ve been having issues with Blogger for a bit and I need someone who understands computers stuff to figure it out (maybe when Branden gets back from his trip I can convince him to take a peek). It won’t show me everyone in my blogroll either but I hadn’t realized it was screwing with comments.
      Padded Cell Princess recently posted..Terrible SapsMy Profile

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