Michele On May - 16 - 2013

Hello young ones.

It’s May 16th and almost been a month since I’ve been here. It’s apparent now that for the time being at least I just can’t seem to get everything done I want to in a timely manner. My absence here and at the other blogs I enjoy visiting is proof of that.

The tiny bit of time that I have been able to carve out for myself I’ve spent at the gym doing deep water aerobics. I’d bought a float belt awhile back intending to start classes a couple of years ago. When I finally got in the deep end of the pool a month ago and actually removed the belt, I discovered I didn’t even need it. If I keep my arms perpendicular to my body I can float–apparently forever–without any equipment at all.


Anyway, the good news is that with the combination of deep water aerobics and suppressing my overwhelming desire to eat cake and all other junk food, I’ve lost 20 lbs.

The bad news for those that aren’t Facebook friends with me and don’t know is that yes, once again I fell last Sunday; but this was at least for a better reason. I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see a wheel stop in a parking lot about 1′ away from where our display of flowers was set. It was a most spectacular fall, perhaps my best yet. My knee (right one this time) hit first, then my hand, then my head. I don’t believe I’d ever fallen on concrete before.

It was most hard and exquisitely unwonderful to hit with your head upon.

I was very, very lucky in one way however. By the time my head hit, most of the velocity of the fall had been dissipated by the rest of my body. My head only sustained a scrape which bled a tad and a lump– and of course a headache.

On the plus side though, I didn’t fall onto the huge shards of the $115 flower I’d dropped and which had broken; and the Romanian judge gave my fall a 9.6. It was a BOGO!

Shortly after the fall Doug suggested perhaps I’d like a bike helmet as a present for Mother’s Day. He’s a funny guy for sure.

It wasn’t til late Saturday night that I’d realized that in addition to all the aforementioned other body parts damaged I’d also jacked up my right foot. I suppose in all the hub bub of the fall itself I didn’t realize I’d hurt that as well. By Sunday night I could barely stand. After reading online I’d assumed I’d probably sprained my big toe.

Evelyn’s taken to calling me Gimpy.

Yesterday I finally went to the Dr. and got x-rays. I have fractured a metatarsal. Unfortunately, considering it’s broken where it is, there’s really very little they can do. So for now I’m just limping around like Chester on Gunsmoke or Grandpa on the Real McCoys, take your pick. Check on Grandpa about 33 seconds in:

Tuesday night Evelyn treated everyone to Spamalot. It was great fun. Most of my favorite scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail were in it– the insulting Frenchman, the Black Knight.

“I fart in your general direction.”-

“Tis but a flesh wound.”-

Classics for sure.

My enjoyment of the theater was almost marred by the searing pain coming from my foot. Lucky for me the two vodka/cranberry cocktails I had at the bar just before taking our seats took the edge off.

So other than a quick trip to Austin for Brett’s 30th BD I have no other pressing news. Brett is great. He has a new young lady in his life, who Doug and I are thrilled with. They are in a really good place right now. Doug is good’ and the pack is fine as well. Amanda and Nathan will be going on a great trip to the Big Apple soon. As usual, Doug and I will be staying here to make sure Houston doesn’t float away.

So now, without further ado I present the anti-Hooters:

WARNING: THIS IS JUVENILE!–but juvenile humor seems to make my foot hurt a little less. I’m watching a lot of Mel Brooks movies right now.

I guess that’s it for now. Please go have fun for me.

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16 Responses so far.

  1. fishducky says:

    Poor baby!! I have fractured many a toe in my time, but never a metatarsal. That must suck!!
    fishducky recently posted..I’M AFRAID OF CHUCK NORRISMy Profile

  2. Michele says:

    Ah yes Fishducky. It sucketh big time indeed.

  3. jenny_o says:

    Wow – that’s a lot of damage. I hope the pain goes away and you heal quickly. Good on ya for the weight loss. I’m fighting the same battle and it’s not going well, so I fully appreciate what you’ve done.

  4. Michele says:

    Hiya Jenny. The pain is a little better every day, unless I hit the foot on something. Lucky for me, I heal pretty fast. As to the weight loss, I appreciate your support. It’s been a battle it seems since before I was born.

    Sometimes I win, sometimes not.

  5. Cheryl P. says:

    Ouch!! I am (locally) famous for my ability to fall at the drop of a hat..or coin…or anything that drops really.

    The toe injury is painful I know..been there. Hope you recover quickly.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..On the MoveMy Profile

  6. TRACK says:

    HUGS M, hugs…TRACK

  7. Aleta Woods says:

    Ouch! Why do the little members of our bodies hurt more that tne biegger parts? Hmmm.. a question to be answered another day. Anyway, I do hope you heal and get back to your busy, busy life. As for as the weight loss, it is possible. Gary lost 50 pounds in 2011 and is keeping most of it off. He is working on losing the 10 pounds he put back on. It is a never ending battle, but the doctors keep patting him on the back. So congratulations on your loss, and keep us updated. :)

  8. Michele says:

    Sometimes it seems as if all the pain receptors in my body are located in my toes. Good on Gary. I hope to have that kind of success.

  9. Good heavens, maybe you better get yourself a Jazzy. No, really, then you can race through the aisles of the store.
    Dazee Dreamer recently posted..Reality Blog AwardMy Profile

  10. Michele says:

    Do you think I could get a trailer attachment so all the canines could go around with me?

  11. Liz C. says:

    I always prefer to make a *spectacular* fall so that I have witnesses, to confirm that I wasn’t drinking vodka at the time.

    That said, perhaps we should start a club and call it *The Not-So-Graceful Old Farts Club*. Honestly, I can trip over a cat hair.

    I swear 2 Advil work much better w/ a cocktail or two. Glad to hear the worst is over. That is, unless you do a repeat sometime soon. Don’t Do.It.
    Liz C. recently posted..Nope. Not Even On My Radar….My Profile

  12. Michele says:

    I like the name of your club. That’s keeping it real.:)

  13. Jusy says:

    Some of the greatest movies ever made here! Favorite Monty Python!
    Jusy recently posted..yourtaxguideMy Profile

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