Michele On July - 2 - 2013

Hello young ones. I am back, if only for a bit. I’ve received a few emails over the last few few weeks with people speculating on just what had happened to me. Here were a few of the guesses–

A. I’d been involuntarily committed. B. I’d finally been incarcerated for not being able to keep bad Michele under control. C. I’d hit the lotto and was traveling the world in my private jet doing bat-shit crazy things while accompanied by a pack of pooches or D. I’d gone to Brazil for a sex change.

To be honest 3 of the 4 are completely plausible.

However A. would require someone obtaining a tranquilizer gun used for hippos from the Houston Zoo., B. is not too likely as long as I stay away from asshats, stay on my meds and refrain from getting overheated, C. would be extremely likely if I ever just got those 6 magic numbers; but noooooo…no such luck for me, not yet as least.

D. Well that’s just ridiculous. Over the years I spent a not inconsequential sum on electrolysis so in my sunset years I wouldn’t wind up looking like Grizzly Adams. My thoughts on that have not changed. Besides I wouldn’t know what to do with a tallywhacker. They just seem so untidy. Besides I suspect Doug would not be a fan of the idea.

So the answer as to where I’ve been is— nowhere! is I have no explanation or excuse that is exciting or even the least bit interesting. All we’ve doing is work. Until about 2 weeks ago we were set up somewhere every weekend. Then during the week was shopping for glass and getting it painted, ready for the next weekend. I do pop into FB from time to time; however I’m never there very long. I shoulda been going around and checking on my friends at their blogs; but I have not; and for that I am somewhat ashamed. However, I am able to keep up with a few of you via Facebook, which makes me feel a little less outta the loop.

Of course now the true Houston summer weather has beset us, we’ve all but given up our outdoor shows for the summer. It was a cool 105 on the thermometer last Saturday, but with the humidity figured in it felt like it was about 182. Our last outside event was over two weeks ago now. It’s predicted that it might only be 90 this Saturday. If so we may go ahead and go to Wabash. It’s a really unique store inside the loop in Houston. Most of their shoppers have $$, which of course we like; and they have a big covered porch with big fans, which also helps.

Personally I expect it to be only 90 about as much as I expect to wake up and be a size 6 in the morning; but one can always hope I suppose.

Speaking of a size 6 though, Amanda, Evelyn and I have been going to the gym and doing deep water aerobics for the last 2 months. The last 2 weeks I actually started swimming laps in the pool. It’s NOT pretty. The first time I did 1.5, then the next time I did 4, then the next time I did 7. Last time I was up to 9.5. That’s a little over 2 football fields in 1 session! I have to break that up into 2 chunks, treading water in between my laps; but something’s working because I’ve lost 23 lbs. So my heart is healthier for sure; but with every pound I start looking more and more like an overused accordion or geriatric Shar-Pei, take your pick.

Oh well, you can’t have everything in life; and just knowing that I’m getting healthier should be enough I suppose.

Ecofab Arts is doing well. Our flowers are now carried  in 2 stores in the Houston area–Nelson Water Gardens and The Arbor Gate. To be honest I hated to start wholesaling them; but with the shows over till fall we had no choice. I charge wholesale 2/3 of what I sell them for retail, then the stores mark them up from there. So some of the big ones are getting pricey at the stores; but considering how big as some of them are and as special as the glass is I know they’re not overpriced.  We also ship now. Somehow knowing we have flowers in Alaska makes me smile.

We’ve also decided to start expanding our product line. We’re soon going to be making lamps- hanging lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. While out looking for glass we’d see so many great old things that’d make lamps that we (especially Doug without me) started accumulating pieces. We have an old bird cage, an old kerosene can from the 30′s and other assorted things.  I hope to have a few photos of the lamps on FB by the 15th or so. Also, we’ve decided to take some of the glass, paint it and then use those pieces in lamps. So if you know anyone who might be looking for something like that please send them my way. If you want to keep really up to date on what’s up with all things Ecofab Arts, just like us on FB. Facebook.com/Ecofabarts.

Health wise everyone is pretty much OK. Doug is good, far as we know. So are the kiddos. Evelyn is good as well. The pack thank God is all good. Lazer is not a fan of the heat. He keeps lobbying to go to the mountains for the summer. My right thumb has now starting locking down and hurting like mad. Apparently I have “trigger thumb”. I went to the Dr. and he gave me a cortisone shot in my hand to see if that would alleviate it. Let me tell you that was all kinda fun; and to top it off, it didn’t work. So now I need yet another surgery on my right hand.

The only other big news is that Brett has found the love of his life. He’s waited a really long time for her; and the two of them couldn’t be happier. He think she walks on water and she adores him. They came into town for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. Brett was going to help his dad for the afternoon so the two lovebirds wouldn’t be together for a few hours. They were saying goodby like Brett was going down on the Titanic and they’d never see each other again.

I vaguely remember feelings like that.

Of course that was back in the days when we both saw only each other with “laser eyes”. Just look at Gort in the clip below if you don’t know what “laser eyes” mean.

Laser eyes is when you look at someone like no one else in the world existed. I even remember when in the first few weeks we were together Doug looked at me and sweetly said “Do you have any flaws?”

Of course over three decades now, he’s found a few…

So now you’re totally up to date on everything in my world. I really do hope that everyone has been OK and that the summer has been treating everyone well. I promise I’ll try to pop by to see everyone soon, and get back here as well.

Stay cool, kiddos; and before I forget here’s your new Bizarrometer; and don’t forget–score it from 1-10. (If you don’t know what Bizarrometer photos are, just click the Bizarrometer tab on the sidebar. Catching up is easy.)

bizzarometer men


Any thoughts?




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9 Responses so far.

  1. fishducky says:

    My God, I’ve missed you, lady!! Glad to hear you’re getting healthier. I have a “trigger finger”, too, (right index) but it just snaps into an extended position without pain. As for your Bizarrometer photo, I couldn’t find a raring scale, but I’d put it right in the middle–I’ve seen weirder outfits at the Oscars!!
    fishducky recently posted..BOOK REVIEW: THE GRAPES OF WRATHMy Profile

  2. Michele says:

    Hiya Fishducky! I’ve missed you too; but at least I’ve been getting your emails which help keep me in touch with your lunacy. I hope all is well in sunny CA. I hope you’ve not boiled away to nothing.

    As for the Bizarrometer, it’d been awhile since I posted so I thought I should ease everyone back into it. More weirdness coming soon. Have a great 4th.

  3. Cheryl P. says:

    Glad to hear all is well except the “hotter than hell” Texas summer. I am totally impressed with the swimming. I used to swim a lot but doubt that I could do a pool length at this point.

    I was hoping that you had won the lottery and was traveling the world but perhaps that is coming next week.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Let’s Drink to ThatMy Profile

  4. Michele says:

    I sure hope it is Miss Cheryl. If it does, you’ll be notified of the location of my island and sent airfare to get there.:)

  5. TRACK says:

    Hey M, missed you too! Been awhile. I have moved with my job and it’s 1/2 hour more in timing,still not to bad.
    It’s hot here in the Northeast and you know I don’t like heat.
    My daughter just graduated with her “masters” in accounting, yea! Then went on a cruise, life is good for some…
    Good health here. Glad you’re here for the moment…TRACK…hugs…u 2 Doug n Evelyn

  6. Janet NZ says:

    Hi Michele how lovely to have you back!,
    I hope you and your pack (family and fur) are surviving the heat.
    Huge congrats on your weight loss. I bet you look wonderful :-) XO

  7. Vapid Vixen says:

    I don’t know how you can stand it in this heat lately. So happy to hear EcoFab Arts is doing so well. All that hard work is paying off!
    NOT happy to hear about another surgery. That sucks.

    As for the bizarro factor…I’d give it a solid 8. It’s pretty up there.
    Vapid Vixen recently posted..My Fourth of July EpiphanyMy Profile

  8. Emma says:

    Sorry to hear about the surgery. : (

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