Michele On January - 9 - 2014

Wow, how time flies. It’s been months and months since I’ve been here. The other day I realized just how much I missed it and all the friends I’ve made here. I do enjoy Facebook; but there are just some things you just can’t say there since it’s for public consumption so to speak. However here, at BB, I can be as outrageous as I want; and since I can no longer jog through the neighborhood topless (it seems a number of people were struck blind the last time I did it), I really needed an outlet, so here I am again.

What can I say? We live in an un-fun neighborhood.

There’s been just so much craziness going on in all that time, it’s hard to know where to start; but first a quick update on my world so if I make mention of something new you will understand. (I will be brief I promise.)

1) Amanda and Nathan finally made it official. They are engaged! I’m already on the hunt for some bedazzled Crocs flip-flops to wear for their big day. I doubt it’ll be a beach wedding; not that that will stop me from wearing them as anyone who knows me will attest to. Besides, if I wore really high heels that day, Doug and I wouldn’t see the ceremony at all, as anyone who knows Doug well would attest to.

2) I’m happy to report that Brett has found the love of his life.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful; and even though they been together almost a year now, they still have the whole “laser eyes” thing going on.

3) After 31+years of not dancing I told Doug I was tired of missing out on something I loved so much. I told him I still have male friends in town who’d be happy to dance with me; and in fact he could come and watch us. He seemed about as enthused by that suggestion as getting a prostate exam from Andre the Giant. So after careful consideration, Doug Eigler, famous non-dancer) has, in fact, agreed to take dancing lessons. (When that does happen expect all network programming to be interrupted with live coverage of the event.) However he knows he’s going to have to dance at the wedding anyway;  so I’m not sure just how much of a win this was for me. Still though I’ll take it.

4) We added a new member to the pack last summer. He is a Lhasapoo, Doug named Peck. Our neighbor left the state and him behind. He is smart and loves to play. Too bad the only one who wants to play with him is Lazer. We’ve never had a dog with curly hair before which tends to gets mats.  Sadly he bites and snaps like Taz on PCP when you try to groom him. Two different groomers said “NEVER bring him back here!” I’ve tried one dog Rx chill-out med on him so far without any luck. It may come to having to have the vet sedate him just so we can get him groomed; but I hope not.Peck 1st day at home

Personally, I don’t care about him being all fro-froued up. It’s just that when he gets mats on his face he can’t see all that great; and looking at them makes me want to barf. BTW- The rest of the pack is just fine I’m happy to report.

5. All things Ecofab Arts are going along well. The flowers have been getting bigger, better and selling better than ever before. We’re up to 21″ in diameter now. Here are some semi recent pics–1378855_557099111028876_1673630485_n Lemon chiffon Rice flea 003


6) Evelyn is good, crazy as ever. She went on a river cruise to the Christmas markets in Europe and came home with some sorta God awful bug that took literally 1 month to kick. Doug and I met her on Monday for lunch. Her color was back and some of her snark; so I felt like I could harass her again, at least a little. If she hadn’t recovered soon I thought I might have to call an exorcist to rid her of whatever vile thing had hold of her. There was a step by step guide online though which I read a few times; but since she’s a Unitarian I wasn’t sure just how well that woulda worked anyway. Good thing she recovered I suppose.

So now everyone is up to date. On to vastly more interesting things–

Or in this case a vastly more uninteresting thing.

What is everyone’s fascination with Kim Kardashian? Is there something wonderful about this woman that I have missed? Did she discover a cure for AIDS or Alzheimer’s? I am just unaware about some fantastic humanitarian endeavor that she launched? If not, then why is the media so fascinated with her; or has it just been a slow news year? I mean who really wants to see this other than Kanye?


I know I don’t.

Kim, get the Hell over yourself girl.

I have another query? Has anyone heard if CNN is in bed with the folks at A&E? I calculate that’s the only reason that CNN, usually a respected outlet for news, gave so much time to the Bozo from Duck Dynasty who came out with racist and anti-gay sentiments. It seemed every time I went to CNN for a week that idiot and his views were being discussed.

Was anyone really surprised by this? I really doubt that that backwoods Bozo from Louisiana is a card carrying member of the NAACP or ACLU.

And although I’m not one of those people that are ga-ga over everything Disney; I found this interesting. So here you go.

33 things You Probably Didn’t Know about Disneyworld. Here’s even a behind the scenes peek at the secret Cinderella suite which apparently no amount of $$$ can get you into..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGrcLgnuVO

And finally I suppose I should say something about the Arctic Vortex that had so much of the country in its grip earlier this week. Flights were cancelled, schools were closed and almost everyone everywhere that possibly could just stayed in their homes and shut down for a few days; but not this guy, shown walking the streets of Jersey City, NJ checking on his ladies.



And if he ever quits being a pimp he can always get a job with the postal service since he works in all weather.

Now an apology to those who were expecting more snark. After being stored away for so long it’s taken the snark generator longer than expected to get back up to full power. However, I promise more soon, along with the first Bizzarometer of 2014.

I hope to be able to pop around and visit everyone soon; but for now I have to get back to work.

See you soon kiddos.




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  1. fishducky says:

    GLAD YOU’RE BACK!! The exorcism thing is scary. The Disney stuff was interesting. Kim Kardashian is worthless!!

  2. Cheryl P. says:

    Glad to see you back here in the blogosphere. That picture of Kim K. had me perplexed. That can’t be a good look, can it??? If an average woman posted a picture showing an ass like that, the fashionistas of the world would be calling her fat. But then I consider the whole Kar-trashian bunch as crazy as any bunch can be.

    As for the puppy with the mats. I have a cat that is very resistant to grooming. Despite what people think, long haired cats need groomed once in awhile to keep them in tip top shape. I have her sedated once a year to be shampooed and brushed out. My point is that once Peck was groomed he probably wouldn’t fight being brushed because there wouldn’t be any painful mats in the mix. Get him shaved down and then tackle a daily light brushing until he is used to the idea that it doesn’t hurt.

    So Evelyn went to the Christmas markets. I hope she wasn’t sick the whole time. It would be a shame to not enjoy the trip.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Going SouthMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      It is good to be back kiddo. I have missed everyone! Kartrashian! I love that. How has everything been with you guys?

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