Michele On January - 20 - 2014

If you are sensitive or easily offended pls read no further– AKA, Aleta, this is not for you. I’ll have something much more family friendly soon.

In the meantime…

Hi-ho young ones. I hope all has been well with you. We’ve been OK, except for the fact that while we were on I-10 yesterday a guy fiddling with his radio slammed back into the back of our van. The good news is basically it seems like Doug and I are mostly OK, some bumps, bruises and stiffness of course; but it coulda been so much worse. The bad news is that10 spanking new gorgeous flowers tragically died in the accident. But now onto other things–

Where to start, where to start?

First up in the WTF were they thinking about is something new at American Apparel.

Is it just me or did that make you throw up in your mouth a little bit? Who, pls tell me who, in this world would want to see that?

Now for all you cat people is something else to ponder–o-CAT-BATTLE-ARMOR-900


Is this now becoming a fashion statement for felines; or is it that just cats being send out into the hood now to score crack? Well whatever it is it doesn’t look very petting friendly to me. The closest thing I could find for a canine is this little get-up. However, it obvious that’s it’s just for fun, not for defense.dragon

Now on to other things, AKA back to the world of the weird–

This next thing reminds me a lot of Woody Allen’s Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex but was Afraid to Ask.

For those that do not know, this movie is a comedy. Some would say sick and twisted, but a comedy nonetheless. It has 7 different stories; and the last one is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Anyway, so you’ll know what I’m talking about, here is a clip from the movie–


Now since you’ve seen that, you’ll know why this next photo reminds me of it–


Please God if you speak Japanese, do not translate that for me. I do think the blush on the Chow is a nice touch though.

Now here’s a little gem for all you people who are in love with I Phones or I Pads– a new app just for you! Sadly, since I live in the android world, I will be skipping this fun. If any of you do participate though I’d love to hear from you how it went.

And finally, can someone pls explain the photo below to me?kids

Seriously, are those girls so hard up they’re actually going after youngsters lunch money these days?  And from the look on most of the boys face, they’d be happy to turn it over too.







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11 Responses so far.

  1. Cheryl P. says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope the guy has good insurance and some money is coming your way.

    As for the manniquins…That is ridiculous. Hair isn’t trendy on real people so it definitely isn’t trendy of make believe people. Dov Charney and his team aren’t being provacative as much as they are being moronic.

    There isn’t a prayer that a cat would let anyone put that costume on it without sedation involved.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Two Sided GuilderMy Profile

    • Michele says:

      Hiya Cheryl. Thankfully the guy does have good insurance. Sadly, since our car was used during the chariot races but isn’t anything cool, I doubt we’ll get any real $$’s for it.

  2. Jan says:

    I haven’t seen EYAWTKASBWATA since it was in the theaters. Waaay overdue for a re-run! can’t remember what the last segment was – was it the sperm or Gene Wilder and the sheep? I also seen to recall something about a man and a large…rye? Pumpernickel? Yep, time to see it again. Very edgy for its time.

    So sorry about the wreck!! Too bad about the flowers but YOU’RE okay!

    • Michele says:

      Glad to find another fan of the movie. The last segment was “What happens during an erection?” And you’re right, one segment did involve a giant Rye; remember the giant boob that broke free and was killing people?

      It’s a great movie to watch with a group of open-minded people.

  3. Are you sure that’s pubic hair on the mannequin because it looks like it could be the fallen toupee of the guy setting it up! What a beast!

  4. Liz C. says:

    Sorry about the car and the broken products! At least you haven’t lost your keen sense of humor.

    I cannot handle those mannequins. And, young women these days shave down there, don’t they? I’ll bet it’s big in Europe. Just saying…

    I’d forgotten how sick Woody Allen is… Love it!

    I have no words for the last picture and I don’t want to know what it says either. Ha!
    Liz C. recently posted..The Full (Wolf) Moon Tonight… Watch Out For The Crazy PeopleMy Profile

  5. Michele says:

    Hiya Ms. Snoots. It’s fun to let the snark from under cover again. If you guys haven’t seen that movie you should Netflix it. It is hilarious!

  6. Blimey Michele – are you ok? You’ve had the luck of the devil recently – what with your hand and now this crash. So sorry to hear about the flowers too, I know how much work you put into them.

    I had to laugh at the mannikins with pubes. Bloody gross. But you have to hand it to them – it got them noticed! No publicity is bad publicity eh?!
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..It’s a slow news week in Oxford …. don’t read this …. read the next oneMy Profile

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