Michele On February - 10 - 2014

Hello young ones. I sure hope all of you have been able to keep warm through this bizarro winter we all seem to be enduring right now.

How cold has it been even here in normally balmy Houston?

It’s so cold that Doug Eigler, AKA Mr. No Long Pants, has worn nothing but long pants for the last month. Now for those that don’t know Doug, this phenomenon is so strange and unusual it’s akin to spotting a Yeti at a T-ball game eating a Subway foot long.  We went to a funeral once and people were amazed that Doug actually owned a pair of long pants; and these were people he interacted with every week for years. They knew he’d be at the funeral but had just assumed he’d be wearing a suit coat, tie, dress shirt and shorts.

I honestly am not sure just how some of you in the north have actually been getting by. It looks tremendously unwonderful for sure. Obviously the little guy in this next clip is still worried about having enough provisions to make it through til spring. It still amazes me how patient an animal can be with another one of a different species.

And now,  as a public service, I’ve included this chart as handy reference guide for all my female readers–


Right now it’s in the 40′s and raining outside. I realize that some of you would kill for this weather right now; but for we down here who have thin blood (to be able to tolerate the heinously hot weather which should be here in about 12 days or so) this really sucks. This sums it up pretty well–


Lazer’s fur has never been so thick. It actually feels quite luxurious. I’m guessing when he starts blowing his heavy winter coat this spring though we’ll be bringing the shop vac inside for a couple of weeks. I just hope we don’t lose Daisy or Peck in what are sure to be record setting tumbleweeds of fur.

So I guess that’s all for now. If I can I’ll try to get back here before VD Day later this week; but if I don’t I hope you can share that day with someone you love, or failing that, yourself.

Yes, you are all that.

Stay warm my friends.



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11 Responses so far.

  1. Ha ha ha ha! I am loving the leg shaving guide …… so true! Blimey, you will have warm weather in 12 days. I swear I am living in the wrong part of the world.
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..It’s a slow news week in Oxford …. don’t read this …. read the next oneMy Profile

  2. Michele says:

    Hiya Annie. I figured all of us with ta-tas could use some guidance when it comes to the deforestation process.

  3. jenny_o says:

    Yesterday I grinned at your leg-shaving guide. Today I am a chastened woman – I needed an EKG unexpectedly, and you know how they have to put those sticky tabs on your legs? Yeah.

    I watched Wally the squirrel videos for a good twenty minutes, thanks to your link! One of the videos shows him taking stolen tissues back to “his” room. He has a whole room – with things to climb, places to hide – it’s obvious his owners are looking out for him! Thanks for the smiles.

  4. PathBLaughs says:

    OMG, I’m printing this and putting it on my mirror RIGHT. NOW. Fantastic.

  5. Michele says:

    Hiya Path. Thanks for popping by. Glad you liked it. Come back by sometime.

  6. Cheryl P. says:

    The shaving guide is a riot. I think maybe the 90 day rule is optional here in Kansas. Perhaps the fur layer would be helpful until the big thaw.
    Cheryl P. recently posted..Would That Be Considered Age Appropriate?My Profile

  7. TRACK says:

    Oh well M, I don’t shave anything but brows! l.o.l. But I’m nice, there are always tooth picks around…hahahaha,

  8. Kate says:

    LOL! Hilarious leg shaving guide. Thanks for sharing it!
    Kate recently posted..TopRew.Com RatingMy Profile

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